3 months old baby

Question: 3 month old my baby he's not drink brest milk, he's looking me laughing & playing so don't drink breast milk

Answer: Hi Dear! Its normal be happy that your baby is achieving developmental goals, its just a phase and will pass soon..Keep offering your feed and he will start taking it soon.. All the best and enjoy this phase..
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Question: My baby is 5 month old and my baby brest milk drink not interested so reasan
Answer: Hello, The most important thing you can do is be calm and patient with your baby. Most of the time it’s a very temporary situation that will fix itself. You shouldn’t necessarily assume your child is weaning. Continue to pump milk as often as you would breastfeed and make sure your baby stays comfortable at the breast, even if he or she isn’t feeding.Try feeding your baby in a dark, quiet room with no distractions. Breastfeeding  should be on demand when your baby is hungry, which is generally every 1–3 hours.
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Question: My 3 month baby did not drink Brest milk what will I do
Answer: Hello dear It is a matter of concern if ur baby is not drinking milk. If the situation is right from the time of birth, it means that he is having a kind of difficult breastfeeding and this is sometimes obvious while sometime mysterious too. 1. Sometimes baby finds difficulty in breathing, so they refuse to drink milk. 2. The child might be suffering from any kind of pain like ear infection or any other discomfort. 3. If your baby refuses to drink milk and you have found out other issues, see whether he is allergic to milk or not. 4. Sometimes the child is not feeling well and so he refuses to drink milk. 5. Sometimes the mother is unaware and the milk flow either is too much or too slow due to which the child refuses to drink milk. 
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Question: My baby not trying to drink milk from my brest
Answer: Hi,sometimes the new borns find difficult to latch due to heavy breast or small nipples because if which they don't take BM. You can massage your breast and keep the baby in the comfortable position so that it becomes easy for baby to latch.ekse you can also meet lactation specialist to take help from. Try different positions to feed the baby to see in which position the baby is feeling comfortable to latch You should keep trying as soon or as early as the baby is born If in case nothing works then you should express the milk and feed the baby till then. But this should be your last option Take care All the best
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