17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 5 month me kabhi sonography karte means in which week

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Answer: last day of period se count hota hain week....
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    Ranishgadiya Gadhia1352 days ago

    no I was asking about sonography

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    Brinda Thakkar1270 days ago

    No, first day of period...

Answer: 19 week me hoti hai target scan.
Answer: 18 to 20 weeks...
Answer: 18 to 20 weeks me
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    Ranishgadiya Gadhia1352 days ago

    thank you alka

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Question: sonography in which month
Answer: Hii. It is advisable to undergo two ultrasounds in the 9-month duration of your pregnancy. The first ultrasound is suggested by the doctors in the first trimester. This ultrasound confirms the due delivery date of the pregnant woman. Until this ultrasound session, the baby is not developed to the point of recognition. You just see a lump in your womb. The second ultrasound, usually, happens at the 18th week. This is supposed to be the ideal timing for your second ultrasound session. This time, the doctor checks whether your child has a normal anatomy or not. This is the time when the doctor gets to know about the sex of your baby. In abnormal cases where the doctor suspects something wrong in the baby within you, they call for more ultrasounds depending upon the need. For mothers who are under a medical condition of diabetes or hypertension, there might again be a need for more ultrasounds. However, this completely depends on your doctor. I sincerely hope it helps. Keeps on posting more query. All the best. 
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Question: Hi.7 th month me kounsi sonography karte hai
Answer: Routine scan hota hai or Doppler B hota hai depending upon aapke doctor aap ko kaun sa test bolte hai Doppler 30 weeks 35 weeks baby Kiya Jata Hai or 28 week ma bhi Kiya jata hai
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Question: I am 20 week 5 days pregnant, means i m in which month
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. If you are in 20 week pregnancy, you should be within your 5th month. The 5th month lasts approximately from 18 to 22 weeks. Take care.
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