12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: konse month m konse test karvane padte h?? mera abhi 3rd month chal raha h and Ab tak mera ek hi test huva h.

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Answer: Essential Tests to be done during Pregnancy Ultrasound Test – Three ultrasound tests are done during the course of nine months, one in each trimester. In the first trimester, it can help determine the no. of fetuses i.e determine if there are twins, determine expected date of delivery, and can also help detect fetal abnormalities. In the second trimester, ultrasound helps confirm expected delivery date, determine the structure of placenta, check the amount of amniotic fluid, examine the growth of fetus, patterns of blood flow, examine fetal anatomy and determine the presence of any anomaly. In the third trimester, the scan helps to determine position of the fetus, assess the placenta and determine the quantity of amniotic fluid.Blood Tests – Blood tests are generally done during the first quarter. They help determine Rh factor, levels of Human Gonadotrophin which determines the growth of the fetus, abnormal levels of PAAP-A (pregnancy-associated plasma protein screening) which is a protein produced by the placenta, abnormal haemoglobin levels or red and white blood cells counts, as well as diseases like Hepatitis B, Syphilis, HIV and other STDs and immunity to German measles. High levels of PAAP-A indicates high risk of chromosomal abnormalities in fetus. It is essential to get checked for STDs even if you have been tested before because it is possible to have STD and not have any symptoms, says an article published in Mayo Clinic[2]. Early detection of STDs can help to reduce their chances of transmission from mother to baby.Urine Tests – One of the most common pregnancy tests include urine tests, may be done as early as to detect the pregnancy. Urine tests are done numerous times during the three trimesters. They help to determine protein levels and to also check for infections.Fetal Monitoring – Fetal monitoring is done to determine the fetal heart rate. It is either done through fetoscope or through a handheld Doppler. It helps diagnose complications during the last leg of pregnancy especially in the case of less or no fetal movements.Glucose Challenge Screening Test – It is a blood screening test done between weeks 24 to 28. It determines if you are at risk of gestational diabetes mellitus.
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Question: 3rd month main kon konse test hote h??
Answer: Hi dear. 3rd month me basically screening krvayi jati hai. Screening me ultrasound and mother ka blood test dono krwaye jate hai, dono ek he din kraye jate hai, jis din ultrasound hoga usi din apka blood sample liya jayega, screening basically baby ki well being janne k liye krvayi jati hai. Is test se doctor pta krne ki koshish krte hai k baby me kisi b tra ka koi b birth defect hone ki possibility to nahi hai and agar aisi possibility hai to usi time to pehle se he iska treatment start kar diya jata hai .
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Question: hi mujhe sixth month chal raha h but abhi tak weight nhi bd raha plz suggest
Answer: Eat five to six small meals every day.Keep quick, easy snacks on hand, such as nuts, raisins, cheese and crackers, dried fruit, and ice cream or yogurt.Spread peanut butter on toast, crackers, apples, bananas, or celery. One tablespoon of creamy peanut butter gives you about 100 calories and 7 grams of protein.Add nonfat powdered milk to mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, and hot cereal.Add extras to your meal, such as butter or margarine, cream cheese, gravy, sour cream, and cheese.
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Question: Hii mera abhi 27 Week chal rahat he...mujhe ab konse test karaneki jarurat hai.?
Answer: नॉर्मल केस में डॉक्टर इस 27th वीक में ग्लूकोस, शुगर फास्टिंग/ नॉन फास्टिंग टेस्ट कार्रवातेहै, कई बार डॉक्टर HB टेस्ट भी करवा सकते है, ताकि आपके हुमोग्लोबिन का स्तर पता चलता रहे।
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