35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Muze kalse 9 month chalu hua he...gharme me mai sab kam karti hu, kapde bhi dhoti hu, isse mere baby ko koi problem nahi hogi na?

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Answer: Hi, this is a very crucial month of your pregnancy. It is good that you are active. You can do all normal work if you don't have any medical problems or complications. However you should remember these points. 1)dont overstress yourself. Lie down if you feel tired. 2) don't lift anything heavy as it may cause injury. 3)avoud being in too much dust and it may lead to allergy. Rest there us no harm in fact it is the best way of exercising. Take care.
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    Yogita Bandal-Gorad1133 days ago


Answer: Dont do heavy work.
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Question: Hello Mujhe 9 March ko c section hone wala he. Or sb kehete he 9 month me breast se leakage hona chahiye par mujhe to thoda sa v leak nehi hua he isi month me to kya mujhe milk ache nehi ayega delivery ke bad?
Answer: Hi dear, it is normal.during pregnancy milk glands strats to grow and produce the 1st milk, colostrum.it may or not leak during pregnancy.from the birth, the colostrum that has been developing is available foe baby to drink.it is low in volume bit high in nutrients.baby will cry and feed often to encourage the next phase.around day 3-5 the milk comes in.it basically chnages in consistany and increase in volume breasts often engorge.stress , traumatic births, not feeding often enough and latch problems may hinder this.after a few weeks the breast settle as feeding becomes established your breasts now know how much milk to make.take care and all the best
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Question: Hello doctor main pychna chah rahi thi ki mujhe is baar abhi tak periods nahi aayi hai jabki mera periods date har month piche jata tha jaise ki dec me 20 ko hua tha jan me 15 ko aur feb me 10 ko but is baar abhi tK nahi hua hai toh kya aise me pregnant hone ka chance hai halaki maine prega news se test kiya usme resukt negative aaya hai but mujhe cravings bhi bhut ho rahi hai aur khana bhi kuch accha nahi lag raha hai
Answer: Dear may br u r pregnant so wait till.10 march if ur periods missed on 10 march then after 8 to 10days of missed period do pregnancy test or consult to ur dr nd go 4 beta hcg blood test by that u ll sure abht pregnancy try it best of luck
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Question: I m 22 years and muje pcos ka problem tha or uss Se mera ek ovarian cysts ban gya mere right side...and usk waja se operation karna pada or mera ovary bhi nikal diya sirf right side...but abi me baby convince karne k liye try kari hu from last 1 year but ho nahi ra hai...please muj batya mam me kya karo
Answer: Hey dear u can concieve wit 1 ovary too .if u r not able to concieve from last 1 year then it may be another reason too so consult to ur dr nd go 4 nesasary test so that u csn know the reason of nonconcieving .try it dear .
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