7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 5 month h kuch tipas

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Answer: Drink more water ,eat dry fruits and apple ,orange, grapes watermelon. Avoid junk food . Eat into 6 instalments per day .dont take heavy meal at a time.And be happy dont take tension or dont be stressed.
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Question: Mera baby 5 month ka h usne abi tk paltana ni sikha h kuch problem h ky ?? 🤕
Answer: Hi dear,all babies are not same,some of them learn how to roll in just 2 months,where others learn in 7 months .generally a baby learn how to roll both side between 6-7 months,so it's normal.but u can do some tricks to learn ur baby how to roll.Time spent on the tummy helps babies strengthen their neck and back muscles necessary for rolling.. Once your baby is comfortable on his tummy he will start to rock his body side to side. Hope this will help.
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Question: Mera baby 5 month 2days ka h usko kuch khila skte h kya biskit or water
Answer: Mothers are usually recommended to exclusively breastfeed for their baby’s first six months.  After six months, breastmilk alone doesn't provide your baby with enough nutrients, particularly iron, so you will need to gradually introduce other foods.  Waiting until six months to introduce your baby to solid food protects her health. It reduces the chance that she will develop allergies or pick up an infection from food. 
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Question: Mera 5 month chl rha h..mujje kuch feel nhi hota...or kuch movement bhi nhi hoti
Answer: Hi dear. don't worry dear bahut sara female score 5 month baby movement feel Hona start nahi hoti even mujhe bhi six month mein start hui thi aap tension Na Le jyadatar baby movement 22nd and 23rd week may feel Hona start hoti hai
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