8 months old baby

Question: 8 month baby weight is 8.5kg normal

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Answer: Hello Dear! Is your baby prince or princess? If prince means the average weight is 8.9 kg. If princess means the average weight is 8.1 kg my dear. 8.5 kg is normal. No worry! You given mashes food for your 8 month old baby such as Bananas, Apples, Strawberries, Cherries and more. You may feed her a boiled eggs or omelet, but cut them into small pieces. Well cooked fish are also good without any spice.
Answer: It is normal don't worry at 1 yr it should be around 10 kg..
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Question: 8.5kg of baby boy is it normal
Answer: Hey dear, as per age your baby's weight is normal if birth weight is in between 2.5 to 3 kgs. Give your baby high calories food like potato banana fullcream milk sweet potato eggs chicken in regular diet to gain weight and also add ghee butter cheese in his food to increase the taste & for healthy weight gain as well. Hope it helps.
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Question: I hav 8 month old baby boy his weight 8.5kg is it necessary to give multivitamin drops for him
Answer: Hi dear, There is no need to give any suppliments unless baby is deficient.moreover this stage babies are fussy eaters and also gain slowly.your babybis not underweight though.continue to feed home cooked food alonf with breastfeeding.baby would eventually gain weight.donot worry.
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Question: Hi .my baby is of 9 month. His body weight is 8.5kg. which food can increase body weight. Is it normal 8.5 kg body weight at 9 month?
Answer: hi dear , normally a baby should weigh in between 8 to 10 kgs in 1st year of age. your baby is already 8.5 kg which is quite good. As your baby is already 10 months old you can start giving your baby animal milk along with solid / semi solid diet to gain weight.
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