13 months old baby

Question: 1.3 month baby ko kon sa juice dena chahiye plzz

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Answer: Only breast milk or formula milk..juice wqgeira 5 and half months ke baad
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    Iesha banoo1173 days ago

    1.3 month ka h baby

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    Dr Sumaiya Sayed1173 days ago

    If it is 1 year 3 months then u can give apple pear, papaya ,chickoo,banana,avocado etc all fruit juices

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Answer: Hey I have made my own chart and used to keep a track too..find it below.. Birth-BCG,OPV 0,Hep-B 1 6 weeks-DTwP 1,IPV ,Hep-B 2,Hib 1,Rotavirus 1,PCV 1 10 weeks-DTwP 2,IPV 2,Hib 2,Rotavirus 2 ,PCV 2 14 weeks-DTwP 3,IPV 3,Hib 3,Rotavirus 3 ,PCV 3 6 months- OPV 1, Hep-B 3 9 months- OPV 2, MMR 1 9-12 months- Typhoid Conjugate vaccine 12 months- Hep-A 1 15 months-MMR 2,Varicella 1 16-18 months- PCV Booster,DTwP B1/DTaP B1,IPV B1,Hib B1 18 months-Hep-A 2 2 years-Typhoid Booster 4 -6 years- DTwP B2/DTaP B2,OPV 3,Varicella 2,Typhoid Booster, 10- 12 years-Tdap/Td,HPV
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Answer: Dear jab baby apni neck sambhal le aur apne aap baithna shuru kar de tab aap baby ko walker de sakte hai...
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