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Question: 8 month baby food chat pliz

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Answer: Hello dear Diet for 8 month old baby: At 8:00 or whatever be baby wake up time u can give breast or formula milk At 9:30: Banana porridge Barley porridge  Oats banana porridge  Suji kheer At 11 am: Egg yolk Panner cube Bread slice Fruits but do avoid citrus fruit till 1 year of age At 1 pm when baby wake up after nap Pumpkin khichdi Lauki khichdi Rice and mixed vegetable Egg yolk and rice Potato and carrot khichdi At 3 pm: u can offer any fruit juice or milk At 6 pm:  Panner piece Carrot stripe Potato.stripe Beetroot stripe Suji or besan halwa Cerelac At 8 pm: Rawa idli Potato khichdi Plain khichdi Roti soaked in daal
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Question: 8 month baby food chat
Answer: Hi. Here is diet chart for 8 month old. Mon Apple Suji Kheer BM/ Formula Mashed Khichdi with veggies BM/ Formula Roti soaked in dal BM/ Formula Tue BM/ Formula Stewed Fruits BM/ Formula Idlis soaked in dal BM/ Formula Bottle gourd sabji with rice BM/ Formula Wed BM/ Formula Suji Halwa BM/Formula Beetroot and Carrot mash BM/ Formula Fresh mashed paneer BM/ Formula Thu BM/ Formula Rice cereal with stewed apple BM/ Formula Mixed veg soup and mashed rice BM/ Formula Suji Upma with veggies BM/ Formula Fri BM/ Formula Banana smoothie BM/ Formula Plain Curd rice BM/ Formula Khichdimashed BM/ Formula Sat BM/ Formula Atta Halwa BM/ Formula Pumpkin and carrot Mash BM/ Formula Idli soaked in vegetable soup BM/ Formula Sun BM/ Formula Ragi Porridge BM/ Formula Homemade Curd rice BM/ Formula Lentil soup BM/ Formula
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Question: 9 month baby food chat
Answer: Hello I am sharing food options and ideas based on my experience of being a mom. #1 Breastfeed or Formula Feed Continue to breastfeed or formula-feed to your baby as much as required. #2 Grains, Millets, Cereals Rice Oats Amaranth (rajgira) Finger millet (ragi) Barley (jau) Semolina (suji) Wheat ( atta) Buckwheat (kuttu) Broken wheat (dalia) Yellow split gram (moong dal) You can introduce Toor dal and Masoor dal, chickpeas when your baby has completed his 9 months. #3 Fruits Apples Banana Pears Mango Plums Seedless Dates Papaya Avocado Grapes Kiwi Peaches Guava Litchi Chikoo How to feed You can mix the two or more fruits and make a smoothie. You can peel and cut a fruit into small pieces and feed to your baby. You can boil the fruit like apple, pear and mash it before feeding. Make a puree of a fruit. Don’t give the whole grapes to your baby. It’s a choking hazard fruit. Cut grapes into small pieces and give it to your baby.  #4 Vegetables Carrots Beans Broccoli Pumpkin Peas Sweet potatoes Bottle gourd Cauliflower Potato Tomato Spinach How to feed You can cook or steam the vegetables before offering to your baby. #5 Dairy Egg yolk Homemade Ghee Unsweetened yogurt from low-fat milk ( preferably home set) Small piece of tofu Small piece of Paneer (farmer cheese/cottage cheese) By the 9 months, you can introduce butter, pasteurized cheese #6 Non-Vegetarian Foods You can introduce fish (not shellfish) and chicken when your child completes his 8 months. But it is advisable to start with seafood (fish) first. Few tips before introducing the non-vegetarian food to your baby Completely avoid the processed meats like sausages, salami, ham. Before cooking, wash thoroughly to remove all traces of impurities. Feed only home cooked non-vegetarian food to your baby. Non-vegetarian food should be cooked properly, try to cook it on the gas stove rather than a microwave. Talk to pediatric before introducing non-vegetarian food to your baby. #7 Spices You can start introducing the spices to your baby food after completion of 8 months. Following are the spices which you can introduce in your baby’s food. Fennel seeds (saunf) Asafoetida (hing) Carom seeds (ajwain) Cumin seeds (jeera) Cinnamon ( dal chinni) Cardamom ( elaichi) Turmeric (haldi) Nutmeg (jaiphal) Black Cardamom ( kali elaichi) How to Feed Don’t add too many spices in the beginning. Start introducing the spices in his diet one by one.
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Question: 6 month baby food chat?
Answer: Hello dear. Here are a few foods that you can give your 6 month old: Breastmillk plus Rice Cereal. Oatmeal Cereal. Barley Cereal. Apricot Puree 6 to 8 months Apples. Avocado. Baked Apples. Dal water. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Hi can pls tell me 8 month baby food chat
Answer: There should be protiens vitamins n calcium in food . Morning breakfast -khichdi fish meat puree Mid morning -boiled egg,carrot puree,soup, Apple puree,banana Lunch-rice dal,vegetable n chapati ,khichdi Evening snack -cheese ,yoghurt,lentilsoup Dinner-rice porridge;curd rice,chapati Night-breastmilk/formula milk Other then that u can give paneer,..
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