19 months old baby

Question: Heloo mommy's i want to knw my daughter is 1n half yr old... Should i give any thing in milk if yes plzz suggest me which powder should i give

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Answer: Hi! Milk is calcium and plain is better, however if you are referring to a health drink its a no no before 2 yrs of age. However you can offer milk with nuts powder. You need : 1 Cup Almond 1 Cup Pistachio 1 cup cashew 1 cup dry dates. You can dry roast them and grind smooth, and mix one spoon in the milk. You can store the rest in a glass bottle and keep in fridge its shelf life is long. Shakes; You can offer milk shakes with strawberry, mango, banana. Smoothies; Smoothies are good options too to offer, this way the fruit pulp and milk both will be good for the babies health. Good luck!
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    khushboo singh917 days ago

    Thank you so much for your suggestions

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    Syeda Sugra Fatima812 days ago

    My baby was 16 months old she didn't want to eat anything in the food so please let me know abut my baby wat kind of should i give to my baby she likes to eat only pomegranate .....aftr eating pomegranate she has so much coughing....so plz can you suggest to me..?

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Question: My daughter is 5 yrs old n son is 2 yr n 10 month old . Can I give them camel milk powder in the form of milk.
Answer: Yes ,I think you can do it.Every doctor advised after 2 year mom can give any tipe of milk (cow,camel)
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Question: What should I give to my daughter for speaking , she doesn't speak at all ,she 1n half mnth
Answer: Use Vasa kommu/vaja kommu... I used it personally.. U will get in any ayurvedic shop or shops selling natural medicinal products. Usage: Just take a small pice of this and put it in a clean cloth and crush it lightly either by chewing or using a stone(used to crush spice) Now dip this bundle in mothers milk and keep soaking it and pressing.U'll get the juice from the stem. Also me them lick honey (1 spoon) I have tried both for my little one and seen visinle difference..
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Question: Cn i give amway protien powder to my 3 yr old daughter...
Answer: Hello Yes dear yu can give junior protein powder to kids above 2 years upto 12 years.
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