19 months old baby

Question: mommies my son is one n half years for the last 4 days he hasn't done pooh ...he is struggling hard but it doesn't come out ....got some medicine from the dr bt no change....pliz help me out ...

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Answer: Hi if there is no change even with the medication you should consult to the doctor also you should give this to your baby give adequate water intake give fruits juice give carrot juice figs and oats you should also give more of green vegetables apply Vaseline to the anus of the baby which will help the baby to pass motion freely
Answer: Hi u can give some warm water in empty stomach early morning hope it could help
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Question: my son is 6 n half years old n he is very thin plz suggest me some food to increase his weight plz
Answer: Hello dear ..kids diet should contain all nutrients needed for their growth and development,In general,keep an eye on their diet,whether it is healthy. Include these foods in his diet which will complete him nutritional needs, intake of whole wheat, grains, cereals Feeding your baby in regular intervals, will make him active throughout the day Give him egg daily, it contains lot of proteins,you can give him in any form in which he likes For breakfast you can offer,health mix powder as porridge, it is helpful for weight gain Make a habit of eating nuts, and avoid packed foods, fried items Milk contains calcium,which is helpful for bone growth, so give him twice a day Nuts can be given as snacks, or else you can make dry fruits milkshake , so that they can get all nutrients in single drink. It also promotes healthy weight gain Include fresh vegetables and fruits in his diet, you can add his fav vegetables in soups,sabji If your kid like panneer,you can make panneer Parantha,paneer kheer,kids will love it Make use of good source of fat like butter and ghee,in his diet Include good source of fat like butter,ghee,cheese helps in overall health benefits If your child din like fruits, you can give him smoothie with seasonal fruits. Thank you
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Question: My son is 45 days old. He is suffering from cold since one month. I use the medicine but no change I noticed plz give me suggestions???
Answer: hai dear, first i ask one question ? u feeding in baby ok i will tell u remedy (mother only drink ok) step - 1 (suku , wall milagu , thepli, athimaduram , omam , setharatha ,) u go to nattu maruthu shop u purchase dry for them all iteams just grain in to the mix-jar u take storage container may be one year u use step -2 u take one spoon of dry powder mixture and add to 250 ml of water , garlic - 2 no.s boiling very well less 200 ml then add to brown sugar ( karupatti) u tast will be add , boiling then filter the juice u like hot or room temperature u drink u not give your baby MOTHER ONLY DRINK THE JUICE plz caring of u eating food y am tell that effect of in ur baby heath don't eat junk food oli items also plz drink hot watter u like this message plz tell that
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Question: If some one take sycotec medicine in early pregnency and got heavy bleeding after 2 years he want to concieve baby but no concieve how she do
Answer: Hello, Two years are long time.It's Good to fix one appointment with Doctor for all of your history and odds.The best way to increase your odds of getting pregnant quickly is to make sure that you are having sex at the right time in your cycle. If you have regular cycles, you will ovulate around two weeks before your period. This means your fertile window will be the seven days before your expected ovulation.See the Doctor,Plan for a healthy pregnancy,Figure out when you ovulate,Have sex at the right time,Give sperm a boost.
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