20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hlo mommies I want to heartbeat of my fetal140 in per minute it's baby boy or girl..

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Answer: This gender prediction theory says that girls and boys have different heart rates in the womb - a baby with a heart beat under 140 beats a minute is a boy, and a baby with 140 or over beats a minute is a girl. An easy method to divine the sex of your baby, but one that sadly lacks any scientific evidence. In fact, a study has proven conclusively that there is no correlation between the gender of your baby and its heart rate.
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Question: My baby heartrate is 146 beats per minute is boy or girl
Answer: Hi There is no possibility for determining the sex based on heart rate but only some prediction s are available for that..but its may true or not.the prediction says the heart beat slower than 140 beats per minutes indicate malebaby.and faster heart beat indicates femalebaby.but its only confirmed by the ultrasound only at 18-22 pregnancy..
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Question: My baby heart beat is 160 per minute in 14 weeks& 6 days.my baby is boy or girl
Answer: Hello, Dear it's not possible to predict baby's gender with heartbeat. Its completely a myth and not true at all. Only a ultrasound and doctor can tell the gender of baby . I know being mother's we can't help but be curious about baby's gender but honestly dear it's better to wait and get a beautiful surprise after delivery..
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Question: I want to know it's boy or girl
Answer: Hello! There are many old wives tales as to how to know the gender of the baby, but all these are not true. There is no way to know the gender of the baby before the delivery date.
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