37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mommies.. Any pre labor symptoms..? As per lmp I'm in 40th week and as per usg I'm in 37th week .. But till now no symptoms of labor.. What should I do...

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Answer: Pre labour symptoms are --- Lower back pain with menstrual feeling. Painful contractions or tightening. Water break. Heavier vaginal discharge with more mucus. Mood swings. Sometime due date has passed but no labor pain then dont worry dear you are not alone. Only 10 to 20 % births happen one the predicted due date. The other 80% percent births has happened after due date between 40 to 42 weeks. It doesn't mean you are at risk or your baby is not safe. Your doctor will do some test and may be induce pain.
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Question: As per my Lmp , due date is : 29th March ie today. As per 1st trimester usg, due date is : 3rd April. And as per 35th week usg, due date is : 14th April. Till now no false pain. What should I do n which date to consider? Bcoz as per Lmp, I m 40 week pregnant.
Answer: Dear usually doctors considers lmp date but ultrasound date also matters.... But do not worry... As you already crossed your due date as per lmp so take longs walks atleast 1 hrs for both in morning and evening... If you comfortable than do duck walks or mopping the floor ... Eat fresh pineapple, papaya and dates to help your cervix dilated, have physical relation etc... Hope it will help
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Question: I'm in 37th week but still no any labour symptoms what can I do for free delivery
Answer: I do not worry you still have time you can get it will ever anytime if the baby's position is cephalic and the Placenta position is normal you will go into labour is very soon you should continue to take walks you should do pelvic exercises and squares and consultation with your doctor which will help you
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Question: Mam I'm 7weeks pregnant till now no result of pregnancy and no such symptoms what should I do
Answer: Symptoms are different to each mother. I had symptoms at 12 wks. So don't worry. If the pregnancy confirmed, be cautious and visit ur doctor to start off with iron and folic acid tablets.
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