4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mobile and WiFi will affect pregnant women and her child

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Answer: No but don't use mobile all day
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Question: Does using mobile phone often and staying around wifi devices affect the baby's growth
Answer: Wifi and 2g network will not effect much because their intensity is quite low.. but 3g and mostly 4g networks intensity is very high and hence should be avoided..
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Question: How the mobile phone and WiFi affect bad in the womb I am 12 week pregnant
Answer: Hello First your baby shows behavioral, hyperactive and emotional problems. Moreover they will be inattentive. Also they develop neuro development problems. Some people argue that it would give better English knowledge and motor skills development. Better don't use Mobile phone often. Ignore phone near abdomen. Use if battery is more than 50 percent. Immediately don't use after charging. We cannot avoid it completely but we can use it safely.
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Question: My daughter grand parents wants to she her in video call.. some people said mobile radiation will affect tha child.. really it will affect tha child? How can i prevent?
Answer: hi dear yes mobile radiations will affect the babies but using it for 5 to 10 minutes will not cause any harm to baby so surely you can show your baby to their grandparents without any fear that won't cause any harm to baby when the baby get used to this mobile phone and when he became a date that will cause the radiation issues
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