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Question: Missed period with negative pregnancy test what is the reason

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Answer: Hi dear, Wait for some more days or visit ur gynaecologist to do some tests to clear the result. But in case if ur are having any kind if inferti|ity problems like pcos, cysts, irregular periods then the chances of pregnancy are little low and if ur having no infertility issues then just track ur ovulation days the chances of getting pregnant becomes higher. All the best !
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Question: Hi all, on april30 I got faint line in my urine pregnancy test and today morning I tested negative , I have all pregnancy symptoms and have missed a period too what may be reason for negative test
Answer: Am so sorry Dear, it could be biochemical pregnancy.here embryo produces sufficient amounts of HCG for the pregnancy hormone to be detected on the initial pregnancy test, but does not progress into a clinical pregnancy.but it is not a false pregnancy.it is a very early miscarriage that occurs in the first few days of pregnancy.take care
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Question: I don't have period yet what is the reason
Answer: Dear typically in most of the women menstruation will start about 2-3 months after delivery if not on breast feeding.but in breast feeding women it may vary, it may take 3-6 months or longer also.some breast feed women will resume periods between 9-18 months after delivery.but better to use barrier method during intercourse.take care
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Question: I have missed my period .....but my test shows Negative what does it mean?
Answer: Dear missed period is one of common reason for pregnancy.but average menstrual cycle ranges between 21-35 days.sometimes it could be delayed cycles , due to stress, hormonal imbalance and other medical issues.if you had regular cycles better to wait for 1 week and repeat upt once and then visit doctor once.take care
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