5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Miscarriage happend in 7nov and secondly i got my next period on 13 dec 37 days of gap and jan 13 crossed today is 15 jan now i have no periods so is there any possiblities to get pregnant or is it same as last period ? My regular cycle is 28 days but after misscarriage its irregular

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Answer: Hi,can't say,as it could be that you must have conveived but after miscarriage it takes about a cycle or two for the periods to get normal and within the cycle.so you should wait for 8-10 days and than can do your test to confirm if you have conveived.
Answer: After miscarriage u wait 3 months for pregnancy
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Question: I have 28 days period cycle.my last month period date is 11th August but i got periods in 15 th September ,6 days delay to my regular cycle.. I checked my hcg in 13 th September ,Verry lite line appears, then next day i got period.. Is it miscarriage..??! Or not
Answer: Hi dear!!! Second light line also consider as pregnancy. You should more carefully handle these days. If you are planning then try to intimate in your ovulation cycle after intimacy put pillow under your legs so elevate don't go for washroom just sleep atleast 3 to 4 hours at same position. Try to avoid travelling jurk and two wheeler or if you going some where just try to going without jerk as well seat one side. When you are not getting period then check by urine test after 7 to 10 days. Take curd and butter milk in your meal as well you can try overnight soaked raising for empty stomach. Try avoid out side food and heat food these can cause of miscarriage. Stay happy and positive with calmness this will very helpful for consiving!!!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️
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Question: Hello mam, how to calculate ovulation period for irregular periods. Dec 2,jan 5, feb 10, mar 11, april 16.....periods date. Periods cycle length 5 days.
Answer: Hi.. If you get ur periods on 1st may for example.. According to you.. Period lasts on 5th May.. Ovulation likely to take place between 12th day to 18th day.. I mean ur ovulation happens between 12th May to 18th May.. When ovulation takes place there will be transparent discharge in your vagina.. This is the indication that you are ovulating.. Hope my answer helped you..
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Question: My regular cycle 28 days my last period is dec 14 next is jan 11 but to day morning iam spotted but now no and headhake and vomit feeling is this pragnancy
Answer: Hello dear, it could be pregnancy symptoms, but can't say exactly now. Wait till your next period date, if you missed then check yourself through home pregency kit at home, if you find two pink lines it means you are pregnant.
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