27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mine is fair color but now in end of 6 month pregnancy my skin color is dwn like dark brown / black color ..neck is also dark

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Answer: Yes, it's common to develop blotchy spots of darker skin when you're pregnant, a condition called melasma or chloasma. Melasma is also sometimes referred to as the mask of pregnancy because the splotches typically show up around your upper lip, nose, cheekbones, and forehead in the shape of a mask. Don't worry it will be fine after delivery.
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    Shehla Nageen435 days ago


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Question: My baby is one month old..he was born very fair but now his color is very dark. My husband & my skin color is fair but why my baby is now very dark?
Answer: Apply or massage your baby with virgin coconut oil before bathing. Babies usually change colour after birth.. you should worry about babies health rather than colour.
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Question: Hi I was very fair but at my first pregnancy skin is became dark color now my second pregnency I'm becoming totally black in color. Please help me out of this?
Answer: Pregnancy hormones can cause melasma skin darkening. You can try curd with turmeric and gram flour mixture twice in a week. It will give visible results
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Question: Feces in dark brown black color during 5th week of pregnancy
Answer: Dear if you are taking folic acid tablet or if you have anything which is rich in iron can cause black or dark brown bowel movement. Its completely normal and there is nothing to worry at all. Just drink lots and lots of water..
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Question: Helow.... My skin become dark.. My actual color is very fair.... But my face become very dark with neck... Wt to do. Will it be OK after delivery
Answer: Hi yes it will be fine. It do happens to few women during pregnancy. U can make a mix of lime juice and honey. Apply it in affected area. Wear sunscreen if going out in sun.
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