17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mine is 5th mnth running can i eat black plum during pregnancy if yes why nd if not why?

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Answer: Hello...... Yes ,you can have black plum during pregnancy,it has lot of nutritional benefits, it is most healthier option.. Having two plumes or prunes a day, will relieve constipation in pregnancy
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Question: Can we eat black plum or Jamun during pregnancy
Answer: Yes, it is safe to eat Jamun during pregnancy.appropriate amounts to ensure a healthy pregnancy. High antioxidant content and nutrients in the fruit protect your fetus and promotes fetal growth. Don't take in excess it may cause pregnancy constipation and it can stain your unborn baby’s small skin with small dark patches, there is no clinical version to support it. So have in small quantities or have less☺
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Question: Hi...can i eat black plum(jaamun) during pregnancy??is it safe?
Answer: Hello Dear, Yes, it is safe to eat Jamun during pregnancy. Many pregnant women crave to eat Jamun as the fruit is tangy and sweet! Apart from its taste, Jamuns offer many health benefits to pregnant women.Seasonal and dark coloured fruits likejamun are proved to be healthy for both the mother and baby.
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Question: Can i eat plum during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear.. It is safe to have plums during pregnancy,Plums are good source of energy and a needed fruit to have during pregnancy,it relieves from constipation, promotes bone health,controls blood sugar,it is an best alternative snack option,which helps to control your pregnancy carving
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