38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Milky white discharge found today morning.... Is it a sign of labor that am nearing to? Pls answer

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Answer: Pregnancy discharge is typically white or off-white in colour, and can increase in volume nearer your due date. It can become slightly pinkish as you approach your due date.
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Question: I have white discharge today is a sign of labour?
Answer: Only white discharge is not a symptom of delivery if u experience any bleeding or abdominal cramps or vaginal pain, urge to urinate and poop, water broke this are some symptoms of labour
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Question: Am having milky white colour discharge.is it normal and it is sign of labour.
Answer: white discharge is normal...if it is blood stained discharge it's a true sign of labour...ensure it is not leaking per vaginum...whetr your clothes getting wet?...
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Question: hi i am 10 weeks pregnent yesterday i found a mild white discharge in the morning but today i found white and thick discharge after peeing...it is normal during pregnency?? due to lockdown cannot consult a dctr...
Answer: White discharge is common. But if you found blood then consult doctor.
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