1 months old baby

Question: Milk clot has happened in my chest even i squeeze my chest milk coming but clot is not releasing so plz plz help me dr im so worried

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Answer: Put some warm compress.. it might be of help
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Question: I am breast feeding for more than half hour but my baby is not getting satisfied. Even my breast milk is coming also. Plz help. M very frustrated
Answer: If it more than half an hour and the milk supply is also good then there must be some problem with latching. Atleast 80% of the areola should be in his/her mouth.if still not solved talk to ur lactation consultant and start giving formula as top feed after 10-15mins of breastfeeding. Formulas are absolutely safe.
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Question: Mam my baby is 11 months but still teeth has not appeared....Worried not even the sign of coming up
Answer: There is no need to be worried dear.. babies can get teeth as late as 1.5 years of age...so please be patient dear..
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Question: Im in 37th week 2 days.. 3-4times brownish discharge happened... Im worried... Pls help me
Answer: Consult doctor immediately and check if baby is alright also go prepared for delivery
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