9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mh husband blood group is O positive and my blood group is B negative there is problem to my baby

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Answer: Helloo..as u r Rh negative and ur husband is positive ..so there is 50%chance that ur baby may be having blood group either O or B negative...if this is ur first pregnancy ur 1st baby wont develop any problem related to negative blood group..but if u plan for second baby ur that baby may have some problem related to negative blood group..but to overcome that u have to be extra vigilant in thus pregnancy..go fir a blood test at 28 weeks known as indirect coombs test(ICT)..it should be negative..then u should have a injection named anti-D..this test followed by inj is very imp..when u will deliver rhen within 72 hrs u will be given anti D inj again if ur born baby have positive blood group.
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Question: My blood group is o negative,my husband blood group is B positive, any problem to my baby???
Answer: Consult ur doctor. Dey will chek abt it. Not to worry.
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Question: My blood group is o negative..and my husband have o positive blood group...any risk?
Answer: There will not be any risk if this is your first pregnancy. Immediately after first pregnancy consult your doctor and have antidote for it. So that it will reduce complications during second pregnancy. All the best.
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Question: My blood group is o- negative my husband blood group is a positive... If any problem?
Answer: Yes....I m also a negative...ap starting se how dctr ko btaae...ydi apki first pregnancy h to..dctr..apko isi ke acrdng treatment dengi..
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