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Question: Message by swati jain: Hello girls pls help me I am having loose motions today did not had any symptoms of nausea and vomiting till date. I am 7 weeks pregnant and now even I am drinking water it is creating heavyness in my stomach..is it normal or some infection..what should I do ..

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Answer: Hello! Due to the hormonal changes, it is common to get loose motions. Try these home remedies for some relief. 1. Drink plenty of water. Try to drink at least one litre every two hours. 2. Drink ginger tea. For this, you just need to boil some ginger and tea in water and allow it to stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and then consume with sugar or honey. 3. You can also try drinking three to four tablespoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. 4. Also you can consume a mixture of lemon juice, crushed black pepper one-fourth teaspoon and half a teaspoon of ginger powder two times a day Take care
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Question: I missed my period by 2days.but today i am having vomiting and loose motion.is it because of early pregnancy symptoms?
Answer: If ur cycle is regular it may be pregnancy symptoms if vomiting is severe go to gynaecologist and take a urine test u can come to know there
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Question: I am 3months pregnant and i dont have any symptoms till now like nausea vomiting
Answer: Hello You are among the lucky few. For some women the morning sickness starts in the middle of first trimester and stays till the middle of 2nd trimester. For very few lucky women have no nausea or discomfort.
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Question: I m loosing symptoms like nausea and vomiting .....is it too early to loose
Answer: Ita normal as the symptoms fade when u enter second trimester
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Question: Message by safairina safrin: Hi doctor, I'm five weeks pregnant. I had pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting and etc. at fourth week, now I feel normal. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms except sore breast. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear pregnancy is all about hormonal changes so sometimes you get symptoms and sometimes not so dont worry just talereat and enjoy this phase of life..
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