7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Message by nidhi bansal: Hello My lmp 5 jan According to lmp 6 wk 4 days But aaj first scan hua its shows 5 w 5 days Sac with single fetal pole having C.R.L of 2.5 mm Cardiac activity 96 beats per minute and regular Plz tell me is it ok M to much worried

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Answer: Hi dear, Aapke report ek dum normal hai.initially is Tarah Ka growth delay rehta hai but later baby picks up the pace.darne ki koi baat Nahi hain.heartbeat abhi thodi slow hai,kyunki it's too early stage.heart rate bhi tez honjayegi Kuch weeks me.donot worry.
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Question: Hi.. i did the snography on 13th oct and findings are single, well formed, intrauterine gestation sac is seen with mean diameter about 15.3 mm. Sac contours are regular. The sac shows a single, small fetal pole like structure within it measuring about 3.3 mm corresponding to gestatiin of about 6 week. However, fetal cardiac activity not seen yet. Yolk sac is well seen. According to my lmp its 8week running. Anyone has idea, plz help.
Answer: Please don't worry it may be due to the late conception or you may had delayed periods before pregnancy Everything is normal in your reports and heartbeats usually seen around 8 to 10 weeks or repeat the scan after 10 days to see the status
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Question: Hi, My lmp date was 8th dec and did transvaginal sono on 15th Jan, which shows healthy sac (G.S. 1.42 cm 5w2d, yolk sac 0.31 cm).But no cardiac activity was present. Doctor called me on 30th jan again for sono. Is everything is normal as per sono report as cardiac activity was not present.
Answer: Heartbeat comes between 6-9 weeks. So don't worry, ur report is fine.
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Question: TodayI am 6 w and 6days according to my Lmp Today was my first us shows gestationalsac 24.3mm and yolk sac. Today No fetal pole detected. Is there any chance this will become viable after 2 weeks
Answer: Yes ...don't worry..fetal pole will be seen till 9th week..so b happy .n think positive.
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Question: 1st trimester scan report.. Real time B-mode sonagraphy of pelvis showed gravid uterus with single intra uterine gestation. Fetal biometry(All measurements are in mm.) G.s :- Regular,mm Fetal pole :- Visualised CRL:- 24mm Cardiac Activity :- present Fetal movement :- present Secondary yolk sac:- present Impression:- Single intra uterine gestation corresponding to a gestational age of 9.1 weeks Plz tell the brify expalnation of the report....
Answer: Gestational age is 9.1weeks Crl means crown to rump length means measurements of ur baby from top to bottom end is 24mm Fatal pole is visible cardiac activity means heartbeat of the baby is present..yolc sac is present and also ur baby has movements now Impresssingle intra uterine means u have single baby in us uterus (stomach) correspondence to a gestational age means according to ur baby measurement of the baby is 9.1weeks
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