23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Message by Pushpalatha Ch: Im 16weeks pregnant.I ate beetroot yesterday.today when i passed my motion it was completely filled with red color.i was not having any bleeding.i have white discharge.does this color cause any problem to my baby

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Answer: Hello! Don't worry it is absolutely normal and is mainly due to the beetroot . Hence doont worry. Take care
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Question: Message by Pushpalatha Ch: Im getting pain in centre part of pelvis since 2days when i go toilet..is it common.does it indicate any problem.please reply
Answer: Hello! It is absolutely common. It is mainly due to the growing weight of the baby which is putting pressure on the pelvic floor. Try these for some relief. 1. Try sleeping on the sides. 2. Go for brisk walk. 3. Do pelvic floor exercises like kegel. 4. Drink plenty of water. Take care
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Question: Hi mam im 27weeks pregnant women ...when im going motion the blood will come along with stool n stool area its continued bleeding im so scared of that .... please suggest me for this problem ...is my baby having any problem???
Answer: Hii dear.. It is problem due to increase heat in our body. Dont worry. Include sprouts salad in ur mill along with chas. Intake water 3-4 liters per day. Avoid spicy,oily n outside food. It will help.I was suffered from the same problem but due change in diet n water intake now everything is ok. Take care
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Question: Message by Pushpalatha Ch: When i try to sleep on back from right side ,i get a crack like sound..i feel like my baby head is on right side...does this sound reflects any problem to my baby...please reply
Answer: Hello dear it is recommended to sleep on left side for the movement of baby and also placenta. But it wont be that worse like getting crack sound it would affect babys movement. To lie down comfortably. Lie on your left and keep pillow on your back . you can also keep pillow inbetween your thighs.
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