15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: meri wife 15 week se pregnant hey main usse D.H.A de raha hoon Jockey fully vegetarian hai kya where bache ke liye achha hai

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Answer: Yes it is usually safe.it is good for development of baby's nervous system but it should strictly be taken with your doctors prescription only
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Question: meri wife 11 week mein hai kyamein usse soya milk yaan soya paneer de sakta hoon bcoz i m in doubt
Answer: You can eat anything you want during pregnancy, but you need to keep following points in mind- 1) Prefer preparing at home, or choose restaurants whose hygiene can be trusted. 2) Avoid roadside food. 3) Raw and undercooked food should be strictly avoided. (In veg and non veg both) 4) Make sure you choice ingredients which can up the nutritional value of your dish. e.g while preparing pasta you can load it with lots of vegetables or meat as per your preference. 5) Avoid processed and packaged food altogether. 6) Limit your portion size. Eat at every 2hours.
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Question: Meri wife ko 2 month se pregnant he to khane kya kya de sakata hu jo mere bache ke liye acha ho
Answer: Your wife should follow diet chart. During pregnancy, smoking may pose several health risks and is responsible for reduced immunity, lowered birth weight, infections and several other developmental problems in your baby. It has also been found that smoking during pregnancy could result in sudden infant death syndrome. Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is thought to cause abnormally slow growth of the fetus, and is also linked to several learning disabilities. Caffeine consumption, on the other hand, is linked to premature birth and an increased risk of several birth defects. Hot tubs and saunas must be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy. It is important to notify your doctor about your pregnancy immediately so that your doctor can prescribe you the best alternative medications that are safe for your baby. Most seafood and fish are good sources of protein and healthy fats that are needed during pregnancy. But, a lot of fish are known to contain high amounts of mercury and other toxic chemicals, which are harmful for your growing baby. Avoid consuming fish during your first trimester. Make sure you get your daily dose of vitamin D from foods like egg yolks, tuna, salmon, fish liver oil, fortified milk and some exposure to sunlight. Take iron and folic acid supplements as prescribed by your doctor.  Increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids by adding more nuts to your diet. This fatty acid plays a role in the development of the eye, brain and nerves of your fetus. Apart from following these precautions during first three months of pregnancy, also make sure you get all your routine tests done to monitor your baby’s progress.
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Question: Main 3 week pregnant hoon.. main job k liye akele bahar rahti hoon.. site duty hai meri..scooty chalati hoon.. kya mujhe journy korna chahiye?
Answer: Dear scooter chala na first trimester mein doctor recommend nahi karte but kyunki yeh apki job hai aap avoid nahi kar sakte. Actually roads mein hole hote hai aapka balance na bigad jaye aur ur risk ki wajah se hi doctor mana karte hai. Aap ho sake to avoid kare agar nahi ho sakta hai to safely drive kijiye. Hope it helps.
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