13 months old baby

Question: hii meri baiti one month 6 days ki hai or bahut week hai mera feed bhi ni laiti..plz give me solution wt i do..

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Answer: Following things can be done when bady refuses to breast feed – 1) Nurse in calm, non crowded & less noisy environment 2) Try to cuddle & relax your baby before starting to nurse 3) Babies can nurse well in movement. Sit on a rocking chair & try nursing your baby 4) Go for strolls – Fresh air & mild sunshine can put your baby in good mood which will ease him to nures 5) Sing Lullabies – Music soothes the mood of baby 6) Try to nurse your baby during sleep 7) If baby cries a lot while nursing he might be having pain or suffering from infection. Its best to get the advice from your doctor in such a case 8)Make sure to keep fingers far from the nipple so you don't affect how baby latches on. Aim the nipsple toward the baby's upper lip/nose, not the middle of the mouth.You might need to rub the nipple across the top lip to get your baby to open his/her mouth. The baby's head should be tilted slightly back. If nothing works, use a breast pump and then bottle feed your baby, making sure you begin pumping every time you offer the bottle, since this will keep your milk supply up. 9) also chk if she has cold or congestion issue, whether her motions are proper or not n whether se has gas problem...in such a scenario baby refuses to tak feed
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Question: Meri beti 6 days ki h.... Vo bahut soti hai n dhud bhi ni piti ..is it normal?
Answer: Ye normal hai, itne chote bache Ko har chaar ghante me utha k feed krana padta hai, vo khud bhi uth te unhe jaga k feed krana padta hai
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Question: meri baby one month ki hai wo mother feed ni le rahi or bahut week hai usko kaun sa dhoodh doon ki wo thodi golu ho jaaye..
Answer: hello.. dear aapke breast milk supply acha hai tho try kijiye aapke doodh hee pilane ke liye.. kyun ki breastmilk se hee golu hote hai.. Breast milk is much easier to digest then any formula in the market, at the same time it provides protection against infections, prevents future food allergies, helps the growth of healthy teeth, and most important it improves brain development. tho try kijiye aapke breastfeed atlast 6 months tak dne ke liye..
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Question: Hi mam i have fungal information can i give feed to the one month baby plz give me parmanent solution
Answer: Hello! Yes, there is no problem in feeding the baby. Also consult a good doctor for the Skin fungal infection. Take CD are
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