Few days old baby

Question: Meri normal delivery hue hai aur stitches aye hai 14 days ho gye hai but abhi tk thik nhi hue hai jln bhi ho rhi hai kb tk thik hoge ap kuch btaye jisse ye jldi thik ho jaye pls bhut preshan hu bhaitha bhi nhi jata achhe se pls rpy??

Answer: Aap apne pad pr haldi laga kr lijiye thik ho jayega
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Question: Meri normal delivery ko two month se uppr ho gya hai but mera stomuch reduce nhi hua kuch btaye jisse ye km ho jaye aur mere stitches abhi thik nhi hue side me cut aye the usse abhi bhi pure vagina me pain hota hai kuch btaye jisse ye thik ho jaye i am wooried
Answer: You can wear after delivery belt. Also wrap Colton saree or duppata around your waist tightly. Do some exercise.hope it will work. Also can consult your doctor.
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Question: Meri normal delivery ko 52 days ho gye hai but stitches abhi tk thik nhi hue hai vagina ke side me cut aye the vo thik nhi hue pain rhta hai jisse pure vagina area me pain rhta hai aur legs me bhi kya kru bhut preshan hu?
Answer: Full body massage karo coconut oil se pair pe garam garam pani daalo jab bhi bathrm jao garam pani use karo stitches wali area pe garam pani 4ya5 jug pani daalo ointment lagao thik hoga jald he
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Question: meri delivery hue 70 days ho gye but abhi bhi vagina stitches ki jagah bhut soft si h to ye kb tk sahi hogi
Answer: Hello! There are a few things you can do to help your stitches heal and reduce the swelling and pain:  It's important to keep your stitches clean. Change your sanitary pads frequently and wash your hands before and afterwards. Whenever you go to the toilet, take a mug of lukewarm water to which you've added a little antiseptic recommended by your doctor. Pour it slowly over your stitches while you're sitting on the toilet seat. Once or twice daily, you can sit in a tub of warm water to which you have added antiseptic.  A daily bath or shower will help to keep your stitches clean. The warm water will also help to soothe any soreness and reduce any swelling. Try to remember to do your pelvic floor exercises.  They will increase blood flow to the area and speed the healing process. The first few times you have to pass a stool, hold a clean wad of toilet paper against your perineum. This will protect your stitches, and stop you feeling that your stitches are going to split . If the pain is still there after 2 months, then please consult the doctor. Take care
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