11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Meri rejaina me iching hoti h i think dane bhi pdd gye h uske liye mai kya krrun

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Answer: It is due to unhygene...u should clean it twice with vaginal cleanser example v wash ...u should also take care of ur food... bad food routine also ends in infection
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    Anamika Shukla1113 days ago

    Okkk thanks

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Question: Mjhe proper motion nhi aata h to uske liye mai kya krrun
Answer: Hello dear,  Here are some tips for preventing and easing constipation... Have a fiber rich foods that includes wholewheat, oats, grains and cereals, Include lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet,include it in the form of sabji,porriyal,salad,you can drink beetroot juice regularly it prevents against constipation and also prevents Anemia.Eat guava with breakfast it will help a lot, Make a habit of eating figs and prunes daily ,start your day with having soaked dry fruits it will relieve you from constipation. Drink lot of water,stay yourself hydrated,also include fresh juice ,can also have veggies soup best remedy for constipation. Banana smoothie, figs smoothie will be more effective in reducing constipation. Exercise regularly. Walking, swimming, riding a stationary bike, and yoga can all ease constipation and leave you feeling more fit and healthy. Try another prenatal vitamin. If your prenatal multivitamin contains a large dose of iron (and you're not anemic), ask your healthcare provider about switching to a supplement with less iron. If it persist ,it is better to consult doctor, they will prescribe laxative.. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: Mujhe puri body par bahut zyada iching ho rhi h...laal laal dane puri body pr ho gye h....plz suggest me ki me kya kru ..
Answer: During pregnancy as blood supply increases to the skin cause itchenes in all over the body. While most of the itchiness during pregnancy is not a matter of concern it's common dear. Use a natural moisturiser, use loose cotton clothes. Avoid synthetic clothes,hace a coconut oil massage,  you can keep ice pack on itchy skin for ten to fifteen mins. It will help dear. You if you so much not bearable itchiness please consult doctor.
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Question: Mere gale me bhut jlan hoti h...sada khana khati uske bad bhi kuch khane me bhi dar lagta h.....mai iske liye kya karu?
Answer: Hello dear Agar aapka gala bahut jalta hai to ye bacterial infection bhi ho sakta hai. Isme gala bahut jalta hai.Aap namak k pani se garare kare, Aap thandi cheeze mat khaye balki aap caffeine free tea le sakte hai jaise ki lemon tea with cinnamon, Jyada se jyada aram kijiye.
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