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Question: Meri c section delivery hui or mujhe ab bhot jyada back pain ho rha h m kya kru

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Answer: Hello... Dear back pain after delivery, happens mainly due to the physical and harmonal changes happens during pregnancy, it is normal, but it is just a temporary phase, follow these steps it might be helpful for you... Make a practice of sitting comfortable, you can place pillow behind your back will help a lot You can do oil massage weekly twice, or you can apply any pain relieving ointment, and take warm water bath, it will be helpful You can feed your baby in comfortable position keeping an pillow behind, sometime this may also cause pain If you gained more weight or your overweight, try to concentrate on diet, and start loosing your weight Have an healthy diet with lot of fruits and veggies, will help a lot You can also consult doctor or physiotherapist, they will guide you some exercise for reducing the pain
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Question: meri delivery c-sec she hui thi July m ab mujhe back pain hota h.kya kru
Answer: hi, abhi tak stitch ke waha pain toh nehi hona chahiye. Ek baar doctor se consult kar lijiye. ho sake toh second opinion bhi lijiye ek baar.
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Question: mera c-section hua tha 16 din pehle... meri back m pain h kya kru
Answer: Hello Dis is very normal aft c section it could be due to epidural or spinal anesthesia. It also could be due to poor posture while sleeping or ur stressing on ur back bone muscle being over weight. Hope I helped
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Question: Mam Meri c section delivery Hui hai.mujhe back pain bhot hota hai.tell me the solution to recover from it.
Answer: Hello dear Back pain after c section is more likely to be caused by a recent injury, heavy lifting, poor posture or positioning or stress on the bones or muscles. To get relief try these remedies : 1. Make efforts to get back to your normal weight after a month or so post delivery. 2. Start exercising or do yoga 3. Walking is a safe exercise to start with if you have had a C-section. 4. Take rest as much as possible. 5. Do not lift heavy things after delivery as it can put pressure on your muscles and joints. 6. Have warm water baths as they help in relaxing strained muscles and muscle pains. 7. Get an oil massage done from a professional once in a while. 8. Use a hot water bag or a cold pack to alleviate the pain. 9. For mild to moderate back pain, a pain relief ointment works well. Gently apply it on the area to get instant relief.
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