3 months old baby

Question: Meri breast me guility ho gayi hai .baby one side feed kar raha hai.aur second side bahut tight hai.what should i do.please suggest.

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Answer: Hey mommy, clogged milk can be so much pain but fortunately there are some natural Treatment for a Clogged Milk Duct. Try to follow it. Take a hot shower and massage breast tissue Massage this coconut oil around the entire breast, up into the arm pit, with a special focus on the clogged duct area. You can also apply to any cracked nipples. When I did this, the tissue instantly softened a bit, but, more importantly, the pain let up.Lay baby on a blanket on the floor or bed. Get on your hands and knees above baby (bridge pose), and gently drop to your elbows. Let her nurse with your breast hanging down directly into her mouth. This position has gravity working for you. Try to point baby’s chin to the clogged duct, as this has the greatest force.
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Question: Muje right breast me pain ho raha hai dnt know why i feed baby both side.. hard bhi ho gyi hai breast.. plz suggest what i do
Answer: Agar bahut jyada pain ho raha hai aur breast Mai swelling feel ho rahi hai To Apne gynaecologist ko ek baar dikha Ye Kyun ki ye mastitis ho sakta hai ya phir milk duct ka inflammation ho sakta hai infection bhi ho sakta hai ICSE aap ko fever bhi aa sakta hai tu zaroori hai ki antibiotic start Kije Taki Jo swelling hai jo hardness Hai Jo ganth Jaisa ban raha hai woh spread Na Ho Aur t resolve karne ke liye medicine zaroori hai yeh Kis Liye hota hai Kyuki baby Agar ek side se milk kam Peete Hai ya proper se nahi Suck Karta Hai To brest Me milk engorgement ho jata hai Jiski wajah se breast me swelling aur pain Hota Hai
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Question: Mere months baby ki skin bahhot ho dry ho gayi hai.what should I do?
Answer: Hi.... Massage your baby body 2-3 times a day with coconut oil or baby oil, it will solve the dryness problem and keep baby muscle strong and increase your bonding. Baby will enjoy the massage. Hope this may help you
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Question: meri breast bahut vari ho gayi hai
Answer: Hello! Pregnancy ke common symptoms mein hai Here are some simple ways to help you: 1. During your pregnancy, make sure you carefully choose your inner garments, especially your bra to make sure that they support your breasts properly. Keep a track of your breast size as you may see significant changes and accordingly get a new bra every time you feel the need for one. Some people even wear more than one bra, if they think that one is not sufficient. It all depends on how comfortable you are. If you avoid wearing a bra, be ready to face the worst pain which ultimately affects your breast shape too. 2. If your breasts are too heavy or voluminous, try wearing a sports or a padded bra. They are generally most suitable and comfortable for women with heavy breasts during pregnancy. 3. Believe it or not, cutting short on the intake of salt greatly helps in reducing the pain in your breasts. This is because salt retains water, due to which your breasts become heavier resulting in acute pain. 4. Water is another soothing option. Do drink plenty of water during your entire pregnancy period. It not only helps in flushing out excess of waste fluids, but also makes you feel lighter and fresher. 5. Women generally tend to take a lot of bed rest during and after pregnancy, but the magic is being active! It is very important to keep yourself physically active in small ways. They can be walking for about half an hour daily, doing some light household chores etc. This will keep you active by giving you a good blood circulation and make you feel lighter. 6. Sometimes the pain may be too intense that none of the above precautions may provide relief; in this case, consult your gynaecologist for other remedial measures. It is very important to avoid self-medication so as to avoid complications. 7. Ice pads or warming pads provide comfort to some women. Before you use it continuously, test to see what suits you the best! 8. Exercises like meditation and yoga are said to keep the mind and body calm and relaxed. This will eventually help you in tolerating the breast pain during pregnancy.
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