2 months old baby

Question: Meri beti 3days se potty nahi ki hai gas hua hai plz help me

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Answer: It's normal agr baby feed thik se ker rhi H
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Question: hello..meri beti 1month 20 days ki hai usko bht gas trouble hai and 2 din se potty bhi nahi kia..plz help what to do
Answer: Hi dear,if baby is crying because of stomach pain or gas you can apply hing paste on baby's navel,apply castor oil and massage on navel and you drink hot water and chew ajwain or Fennel seeds after food.hope this helps
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Question: hi mommies. meri beti 1.5 months ki hai usko potty 8 ya ten days main hoti hai plz help me
Answer: hello... Breastfed babies mein yeh common hain, aur darne ki baat nehi hain. Agar din 15-20 baar bhi potty ho toh bhi normal hain
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Question: hii meri baby 40 days ki hai 2 days se potty nahi ki hai Aur gas pass karne me bhi taklif hoti hai usko kya Karna chahiye mjhe
Answer: If your baby is on formula, it's possible that something in his formula is making him constipated. It's not uncommon for the protein component in different formulas to cause constipation. Ask your baby's doctor about switching brands. If she is on bm, don't worry it will be fine. Help her get some exercise. Try pumping her legs. While she's lying on her back, gently move her legs in a forward, circular motion as if she were pedaling a bicycle. Massage your baby's belly. Measure three finger-widths below her navel on the lower left side and apply gentle but firm pressure there with your fingertips. Press until you feel a firmness or mass. Maintain gentle but constant pressure for about three minutes.
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