3 months old baby

Question: Meri beti ki potty me bht Zyada smell aati hai, she is on fm,. Ye normal hai or should I consult the doctor

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Answer: This is normal. Dnt worry. Fm milk se potty tends 2 be smelly n greenish cement colour due to high iron content.
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Question: My baby is totally on fm. Wo do din me potty krti hai, is it normal? Or should I consult the doctor
Answer: There are no such hard and fast rules that a month old baby must be pooping these many times. It normally depends on what you feed the baby with, is it breast milk or formula milk. If your baby is breast fed, then 4 to 5 or sometimes more, or once in six to seven days. These are absolutely normal. If your baby is on formula milk, then pooping once a day is recommendable, to feel comfortable and avoid constipation. You can relax as far as your baby's poop is soft and passes with out much crying due to hard stools/ constipation.
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Question: Meri beti ko bht Zyada tight potty ho rahi hai. What should I do?
Answer: Breast fed babies almost never get constipated where as for formula fed babies usually face this problem. Do the bicycle legs. Take babies temperature. Massage her tummy. Place the baby on her back n rub with ur plam in clock wise motion. For a minute or 2. Give ur baby a warm bath the thing is the hot water will soothe ur baby. Getting him to relax so he can let go of everything he s holding. Never use a laxative as babies are too little they can get seriously dehydrated and lead to other complications.
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Question: Meri beti har feed k baad thodi si potty kr de rahi hai, Ek dam thodi si, Kya ye normal hai aur should I consult the doctor, she is on fm
Answer: It's normal. Don't worry if it's not more than 10 times a day. Baby digestive system is still developing so relax. It will automatically settle with baby growth n age.
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