2 months old baby

Question: Meri beti 2 month ki hai..uske gaal babut rough huwa hai.. pls suggest

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Answer: Use sebamed baby cream..very effective
Answer: Uske face k massage Malai se kro
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Question: Meri beti 1 year ki hai uske sir me kafi dandruff ho gai hai. Pls some one suggest it's remedy
Answer: Wash your baby's hair with Mamaearth gentle cleansing shampoo for babies twice in a week as it nourishes the scalp and its coconut based cleanser helps to replenish the moisture & make hairs soft & smooth. Must try it
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Question: meri beti 7 month ki hai use khasi ho gai hai kya Karu? pls suggest me
Answer: give home meducines like honey+ ginger, honey+pepper or honey+orange juice. Instead of giving cough medicine give honey with onion juice. Take about 10-12 small sambhar onions. grind them in the mixie with a little zeera. add about 10-12tbsp of honey to this and leave for a few hours. after that strain and give it to your baby 3-4 times in a day. all the phlegm will go away. sometimes kids will vomit after drinking this which is also fine as they will throw up all the phlegm. You can use humidifier in the room...this will keep the air moist in the room and will not allow the mucus to harden. It will help to cure a runny nose and nasal congestion. Keep your baby well hydrated through warm liquids....water and diluted fresh fruit juices so that the mucus doesn't thicken. Make your baby sleep in the upright position slightly inclined...with head at a higher level.u can use a pillow. Basically an elevated position do that baby can breathe with ease. Don't give too much cows milk as this is said to thicken the mucus. Just restrict it don't stop completely. Give ginger and honey, ginger and onion juice. Give about 1 tsp first. Give indirect steam....like sit in the bathroom with her with hot water running in the tap.this will create steam and will help loosen the mucus. make sure you both are away from the hot water bucket. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the bath water that you use to give him a bath. Do this for a month. It increases immunity. Baby's clothing should be such to protect the chest from cold Garlic and ajwain are known for its anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Dry roast 2 big cloves or garlic and ajwain on a tawa and once cooled make it into a potli or tight pouch with a clean muslin cloth. Place it near the baby cot or cradle where the baby sleeps. The ajwainy garlicky smoke from the potli will help the baby to open the blocked nose and relieve from congestion. You can just warm this a bit and rub the potli on the chest a few times. But make sure its warm not hot. Check the temperature on your hands first. You can applythe Vicks babyrub under the baby's feet and put on cotton socks when the baby goes to sleep.
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Question: Meri beti 3 month ki hai uske daily hair fall ho rahe hai kya karu plz suggest
Answer: Hii dear ye normal hai bcoz baby ke birth ke baad hair resting stage me chale jate hai jiske wajah se hair fall hota hai , baby ke fiction ki wajah se bhi hota hai jaisa ki baby mostly laita hua hota hai so pillow se fiction. Hota hai aur hair fall hota hai. Tension na le after 5 month aate hair grow hone suru ho jayenge.
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