3 months old baby

Question: meri baby 3 month ki hai..mein breastfeeding and formula milk both karwati hu..but formula milk ko baby bottle se nai piti hai..what i can do??

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Answer: It's common for babies to refuse formula in a bottle initially. Don't give up too easily – it may take more than a few tries to get your baby to drink formula from a bottle. She may refuse a bottle the first few times it's offered, especially if you're the one offering it. That's because your baby can smell you and would probably prefer the real thing, which is sweeter. First try & get her used to sucking milk through bottle. Express your own milk & start giving it to her through bottle. Once she gets used to taking a bottle of breast milk, the transition to formula milk may be a bit easier, though she may turn up her nose at what's in the bottle. To make this transition smoother, let your partner offer the first few bottles. You might also try giving the bottle when your baby is hungry rather than at a feeding when she might be nursing as much for comfort as for nourishment.
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Question: My baby is 7 month old. I give her bottle from the 1st day but still she dont wantbto take milk through bottle. She take water and dal pani but not mulk. I use lactogen, shall i change the milk or what can i don plz suggest
Answer: You should not change milk. you know every milk is not meant for every baby always consult your doctor before change formula milk. Now baby teething also started this is why baby is not taking milk. Try to give after one to 2 hours in between you can give solid foods like suji sabudana purée pumpkin purée banana.
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Question: Can I give my baby bottle gourd ( lauki) ? If so in what form
Answer: Yes dear you can give bottle guard . I’m just sharing a simple recipe . just take the bottle gourd few pieces washed properly and just put it in the cooker . 2-3 whistle and after that mash properly then you can give it to the baby.
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Question: Hello....my baby is 3 month and 3 month old...what shall I give him because my milk is not sufficient for him...and he is crying
Answer: Till completion of 5 months baby should drink only milk so you can introduce formula milk if you are so is not sufficient for your baby. It's very important otherwise we will get dehydrated. Don't give any semi solid food or animal milk so early.
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