2 months old baby

Question: meri baby ko scalp me bahut dandruff hai. please help

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Answer: Cradle cap is quite regularly seen in newborns. A proper hair hyigene needs to be followed in order to get rid if cradle cap otherwise it might get severe and cause infection. Washing your baby's hair once a day with mild baby shampoo and brush the scalp lightly with a soft brush to loosen the scales. If the scales don't come off easily, a gentle oil massage may help to loosen the dry flakes. Rub a small amount of a pure, natural oil such as almond or olive oil on your baby's scalp and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Then gently comb out the flakes with a fine-tooth comb or brush them out with a soft brush. Finally wash the baby's scalp with a gentle baby shampoo. Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes before rinsing, to help remove the oil.
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Question: My baby is 4 monts old and hez having dandruff on his scalp..please advise
Answer: Once it is confirmed that your baby has dandruff, follow these steps to get rid of it. Brush the baby’s dry hair to remove large and visible flakes of dandruff before shampooing.Use a regular baby shampoo to wash the baby’s hair every day. Mild dandruff can be easily removed this way. For severe dandruff, use medicated dandruff shampoo recommended by a paediatrician. Use once or twice a week depending on the severity of dandruff and doctor’s prescription.When washing the baby’s hair, gently use fingers to massage the scalp and build a good lather. Rinse with water thoroughly. Do not use any conditioners.Pat-dry the baby’s head with a towel.If the baby is prone to dandruff, then you must maintain the normal pH of the scalp, and an oil-free scalp mostly addresses the problem.
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Question: Hi baby girl got dandruff and scalp please tell me remedies
Answer: Hi. It could be craddle cap. Hi cradle cap is thick layer of dry skin which forms on babies head it seems like dandruf but is more thick. To remove craddle cap apply good amount of coconut oil over it let it get soaked for 1 hr. After that make your baby bath with good shampoo and then brush babies hair lightly. In most Case's cradle cap goes by its own. So dont worry. Good luck.
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Question: Meri baby ki scalp pe kuch dandruff jaise hua hai .mujhe kya krna chaye.or baby ko konsa oil dena chaye
Answer: Hi dear, I think you are mentioning about craddle cap which appears like dandruff. Craddle cap is common issue in new borns. You can slowly take it off by combing it with soft but firm hard brush. Try massaging oil and post bath when the skin is soft,comb baby's head.do not forcefully pull it out and never use nails too.do it gradually.
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