18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hiii.. mere 18 weeks h mujhe bacche K moment kb feel honge

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Answer: Generally by 5th month u can feel ur babies movements but if its ur first pregnancy it may take some time to feel the movements
Answer: Babby movemeny mormally 19 to 24 weeks ke beech feel ho jata hai.
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Question: Baby movement feel n hote h abhi tk. Kb honge
Answer: Ideally pregnant ladies start feeling around 19-24 weeks. But if it's your first pregnancy than you might feel bit later. According to the baby growth initially the movements are not that intense and you feel occasionally. Those gentle fluttering feelings in your tummy (quickening) are your baby's movements. But if you had a baby before than you might feel as early around 13-16 weeks. But if you didn't feel till 24 weeks do check with your doctor. She will check baby heartbeat.
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Question: Hiii thank u how many weeks are heart development and I feel the moment
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Heart beat is normally seen around eight weeks of pregnancy. It takes time for you to feel baby movement especially if it is your first pregnancy. You can feel movement by twenty weeks. Eat well and sleep on left side you can feel some movements. Take care
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Question: Hiii everyone, mera 11week chal rha h. Mujhe kb heartbeat or movement feel hoga khudse..??
Answer: Hi dr... We cannot feel babys heart beat... It's possible only through ultrasound or doppler... But surely you will feel first movements of ur baby called quickering or fluttering within few weeks... After 21to 25 weeks you start to feel some strong movements
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