28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mere vagina se lite water drops kabi kabi nikalra..i m 7th month pregnant ...is it harm to my baby

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Answer: Hello! watery discharge bilkul common hai pregnancy mein..isme tension wali koi baat nahi hai..ye hormonal changes ki wajah se hota hai..agar aapko discharge k sath itching ya burning sensation hai to aapko doctor sr consult karna chahiye.
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Question: How can i come to know about water leakage ? I m in 7th month of pregnancy there is some what leakage from my vagina ..is it water leakage ..?
Answer: Hello If its urine then ur panty will get wet as u can't control urination at times. if it's ur water breaking then it ll soak u to ur shoes. U will be taking more bathroom trips than usual. Due to constant pressure of ur uterus on ur bladder. U should check ur urine if there is any blood yellow traces or mucous if ur ameotic fluid might be leaking
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Question: Hi i m 10 week pregnant my vagina is paining some times is it harm to my baby... Pls reply
Answer: Hello dear... Vaginal pain is normal, happen due to expanding uterus, it may also happen due to stress, urinary infection.. Follow these remedies... Have nutrious diet, include more fruits and veggies Drink 2-3 litee of water a day Have buttermilk, coconut water Do kegal, squat exercise
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Question: I m 7th month pregnant.if I drink Pepsi than it will harm to baby
Answer: Yes,it will harm both you and your baby. Stop it immediately and if possible, never start it again.
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