34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mere 8 month continue .mera weight gain nhi ho rha hai.toh baby ka weight b nhi badh rha ho ga.

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 8 months pregnant dear if ur nd ur babies s not gaining take healthy diet as In pregnancy u need 300 extra calories per day so u have to take healthy diet . when i was pregnant my weight was too low then i consult to my friend she suggested me pregnancy diet chart which u have followed in m sharing u that diet chart it ll help u . take Mother's Horlicks during Pregnancy. Mother's Horlicks, with 27 vital nutrients, is specialized nutrition for expecting mothers. Mother's Horlicks contains nutrients (like Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin A, B6, B12 and D) which are known to help improve the birth weight of the baby.u can take oats .Oats r completely safe for pregnant women. as well as lacting mom ..oats contains considerable dietary fiber that helps regulate digestive system...oats r big source of Poatessiun &Iron .. Take almonds pistico..walnuts...raisens dates..take all green vegetables ..such as spinach..beans ..peas...beetroot take fresh fruits apple ..Mango...Banana..Mango...watermelon..muskmelon..chikoo..pear...Orange ..sweet lime.. Pomegrate.cheese...paneer....tofu...buttermilk...curd.
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Question: Mere beti ka weight gain nhi ho rha
Answer: Hello dear... Kids diet should contain all nutrients needed for their growth and development,In general,keep an eye on their diet,whether it is healthy. Include these foods in her diet which will complete her nutritional needs, intake of whole wheat, grains, cereals Feeding your baby in regular intervals, will make her active throughout the day Give her egg daily, it contains lot of proteins,you can give her in any form in which she likes For breakfast you can offer,health mix powder as porridge, it is helpful for weight gain Make a habit of eating nuts, and avoid packed foods, fried items Milk contains calcium,which is helpful for bone growth, so give her twice a day Nuts can be given as snacks, or else you can make dry fruits milkshake , so that they can get all nutrients in single drink. It also promotes healthy weight gain Include fresh vegetables and fruits in his diet.. you can add his fav vegetables in soups,sabji If your kid like panneer,you can make panneer Parantha,paneer kheer,kids will love it Make use of good source of fat like butter and ghee,in his diet Include good source of fat like butter,ghee,cheese helps in overall health benefits If your child din like fruits, you can give her smoothie with seasonal fruits. Thank you
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Question: Mere baby ka weight nhi gain ho rha pls btao kese weight gain kru
Answer: Hi dear, agar aap sahi se diet le rahe ho Fir Bhi aapka weight Bar Raha Hai but baby ka weight nahi ho Pa Rahi iska matlab aap ki Placenta mein problem hai jo ki thik se nutrients baby ko pass nahi kar pa rahi hai. Aap healthy and nutritious diet low battery charge in iron calcium and protein. Aapke regular diet Mein green vegetables, fruits ,dairy products like milk paneer yoghurt, proteins like lentils legume soyabean egg Fish chicken regularly honi chahiye. Moderate amount rice aur roti Khaye. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. Proper rest kijiye. Koi v stress na le, Asha Karte Upkar milegi.
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Question: mere 8 month baby ka weight km ho RHA h vo upar ka kuch b nhi khata
Answer: Apko apne pediatrician se consult karna chahiye plus normal se jyada mehant karni hogi bacho ko khilane k liye... Home made nh toh cerelac jaisa kuch try kijiye.... Baki online bhut kuch available hai bhut recipes hai apko try karna hoga bache ko kya acha lagta hai...or ha 1-2 spoons hi sahi thodi thodi der me khilane ka try kijiye ... Ya kuch khelte khelte ya cartoons dikha k khilane ka try kijiye
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