6 months old baby

Question: Mere five n half month baby ko khasi ho hai he ..pls help

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Answer: Hello dear Give steam to ur baby. Heat mustard oil with ajwain and garlic and apply oil on baby's chest, feet, palm at night it will give very relief.
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Question: mere baby ko cold n khasi hai
Answer: Hii for colds u can have home remedies .Give baby tomato soup, besan sheera, oats, khichdi, dalia as meal.  Garlic & Ajwain Fumes -Roast 2-3 big cloves of garlic & few pinches of Ajwain on tawa for a min. The smell of this mixture will heal the cold & cough of your child. Squirt Breast Milk in Nose -This is lesser known use of breast milk. Some moms put few drops of breast milk in the nose of child, and it helped in fast curing from cold.  Light Steam -Make your bathroom steamy by running hot water tap for some time. Sit in bathroom for 10-1 5 minutes by taking your infant in your lap Keep baby's head elevated -Elevate your baby's head with help of pillow or cushion while she is sleeping to minimize the discomfort of blocked nose.  Saline Water -Put few drops in the blocked nose of your child. Saline water will help unblocking the stuffy nose of your child.  Oil Massage -Light massage of warm mustard oil on chest  and back of your baby will help your baby to get relief from cough.  Coconut Oil & Drumstick Leaves -Warm up coconut oil and put some drumstick  leaves (moringa). Apply on hair of child suffering from cold. Eucalyptus Oil -Put few drops of eucalyptus oil on baby's clothes and bed sheet for relief from blocked nose & congestion.  Herbal Coconut Oil Massage -Warm up coconut oil and add tulsi leaves. Massage the oil on chest of your baby before sleep.  Diffuse Essential Oils in Room -Essential oils are extracts of plants. Dilute them with water and put in diffuser for best results. 
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Question: mere five year ki beti ko sardi or khasi ho rahi Hai uske lite Kya kru
Answer: Hello dear cough nd cold remedies 2 or 3 leaves of tulsi.. 2 ardusi leafs .. 2 ajwain leafs.. 1 small size leaf of nagerveli pan... Pinch of salt .. Pinch of haldi.. Nd frew drops of ghee.. Make 2 cups of water to boil.. Nd add all d leaf to it cutting into small pscs.. Nd let it boil till it becomes hlaf of it.. Nd give this to baby 2-3 spoons Twice or thrice a day.. Its much effevtive for baby i experinced it personally as my baby was suffering from severe cough nd cold during her teething vn she was just 5 months old nut then also i had given her this home remedy.. I was struggling to cure her cough nd cold since 15 days nd at last this worked at sudden nd she got fine in 2 days..
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Question: Kya baby ko kastruri matra de sakte hai n harade de sakte hai pls suggest my baby ko khasi hoti hai kya de sakte hai pls help me?
Answer: हेलो आपका बेबी अभी छोटा इतने छोटे बेबी को यह सब मत दीजिएl हैलो डियर, छोटे बच्चों को सर्दी खांसी जुकाम और कफ से राहत के लिए आप कुछ घरेलू उपाय कर सकती हैं। 1) सर्दी होने पर छोटे बच्चे ko हमेशा थोड़ी दे धूप में जरूर रखें सुबह सुबह की सनलाइट आपके बच्चे के लिए बहुत ही अच्छी होती है क्योंकि उसमें बहुत ज्यादा मात्रा में विटामिन Aपाया जाता है जो आपके बेबी की BONES और इम्यून सिस्टम के लिए बहुत ही अच्छा होता है जिससे उसके cough cold में भी काफी राहत मिलेगी 2) लहसुन की कुछ कलियों को तभी तवा पर भूल लीजिए फिर इन कलियों को एक रूमाल में बांधकर उसकी पोटली बना लेते हैं जब फिर इस पोटली ko बच्चे keसीने पर रखकर के सिकाई करते हैं इस बात का ध्यान रखिएगा की पोटली बहुत ज्यादा गर्म ना हो इससे बच्चे का कफ काफी जल्दी ढीला होगा| 3) सरसों का तेल गर्म करके उसमें थोड़ी सी अजवाइन और लहसुन की कुछ कलियां डालकर पका लें ठंडा होने पर इसी तेल से बच्चे के पूरे शरीर में मालिश करें 4) सर्दी होने पर बच्चे को ठंडी हवाओं से बचाएं कान ढक कर रखें पैरों में मोजे पहनाकर रखें |
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