13 months old baby

Question: mere baby ko raat ko fever ho jata hai me paracetamol deti hun fir theek ho jata hai lekin next day fir raat bko ho jata hai or use vomit bhi aa rahi hai usko kya problem ho sakti hai

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Answer: fever ki medicine ap doctor se consult karke de rahi h ya apne se?
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Question: mere baby ko baar baar fever ho jata h ...kya usko paracetamol k sath antibiotics b deni chahiye???!
Answer: Hi dear. Antibiotics doctor thab prescribe large hai jab continually high fever (more than 102) 5 din Se jyada hote hai. Intermittent fever can happen because of weather changes and infections in the air. Along with paracetamol, wipe your baby with a cotton cloth dipped in room temperature water. Do it every ten minutes till fever subsides. Do not dress the baby with full dress. Use light clothes and a thin blanket. Temperature ko 4 5 gante me ek baar dekhiye. Agar 5 din ke bad bhi kam nahi hua to doctor se antibiotics le aayie. Take care.
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Question: Mere baby ko 3 days se raat ko vomit ho rhi hai and fever bhi ho jata hai kya ye teething ki wajha se hai ya koi aur problem hai plz answer
Answer: No teething ki wajah se vomiting nhi Hoti h.baby Ko sayad infection ho Gaya h aap doctor Ko jaldi dikhaya.
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Question: mera baby 16 months ka hai woh kuch khata nahi hai me usko force karke khilaati hun or variety bhi deti hun khane me lekin woh rote rote khata hai or weak hota jaa raha hai har cheej desi ghee me banake deti hun fir bhi weak hai me kya karu aisa ki woh golu molu ho jaaye me usko aoba feed bhi deti hun fir bhi woh weak hai
Answer: Hello! Most of the mistakes that parents do are forcible feeding, it should actually be the pleasurable time for both child and mother, if we keep a negative or frustrating attitude the baby does not take any food, meal time should be pleasurable. Moreover rather than the quantity of food it is better to improve the quality of the food. Some children may eat less quantity of food like rage malt they consume little of it so to improve the quality of food you can add  dry fruit powder which increases the calorie of the diet and improves the strength. Another thing is to space the meals that is frequent intervals of short meal that will improve the child's appetite. Do not always insist to finish the whole food which will again make the food time very frustrating to the kid. Other common mistake done by the parents is to give snacks like chocolates or high sugar content snacks in between the meal as high sugar content meal will always keep the stomach full and the baby does not take healthy food which is given as a meal subsequently. Some of the kids have their own favorite meals or food this can be inculcated to each meal, some kids are very found of fruits but will not have milk, so we can make it smoothie like that and make the meal more interesting for the kid. Another mistake is chocolate as rewards like bribing the kids if they do this you will give them chocolates in this way we are inculcating kids that junk food is better than the healthy food which will have a negative impact on the kid. Another thing is you can make the meal time as family time after one year you can just give the food you eat to the baby also and have it without any distractions like iPad, TV etc. Take care
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Question: hiii mere 6months ke baby boy ko fever aa raha hai kal raat se mene usko paracetamol di hai phr b thoda fever hai toh kya arna chahiye
Answer: Jald hi doctor Consult keejiye
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