18 months old baby

Question: mere baby ko night m nind nhi aai bhut roya bhi .uska tmmy cheak kiya teo bhut tight tha i thnk use gas ban gyi thi than maine hing lgaya uske tummy p. phir b bechan rha. subha usne green c poty ki......ye sb kis wagha s hua. or kya du jo wo thik rhe.

2 Answers
Answer: Hey, Whenever baby has any stomach related issue follow BRAT diet. BRAT stands for banana , rice, applesauce and toast. These are easy to digest, fibrous low calorie foods which makes them perfect choice for all motion related problem. Also increase baby's water intake. He ll have easy motion .
Answer: It cud b bcoz of anythin green tat ur baby might hcmv eaten which dint suit ur baby...incase of excess pain u can consult ur doc n give either colic aid or cyclopam medicine