2 months old baby

Question: mere baby ko bcg injection ki jagah pe red swelling hua h ....kya ye normal h?

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Answer: Hii dear. Yes dis is normal. Don't touch it. Let it be like dat only. It will heal itself. All the best.
Answer: . yes its normal
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Question: Mere baby ke left hand pr jaha bcg ka injection laga tha ek month bd funci Hua h kya ye normal h ya doc se milna chahiye
Answer:  yeh bilkul normal hain.. in 1–6 weeks, a small, red blister may appear where the injection was given. This should heal in a few weeks and almost after 3 months leaves scar.if there is discharge or fever or vaccination site is tender then please consult peadiatrian
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Question: Hii,mere legs pe swelling hai Kya ye normal hai?
Answer: Hello, Swelling in feet is normal during pregnancy because of increased blood volume and water retention to supply nutrition to your baby. It can be experienced at any time and is more common in third trimester. You can avoid standing for long periods of time , decrease spending time in summer heat, rest with your feet above to help backward glow of fluids, reduce salt intake , increase water intake helps flush out water retention , wear comfortable shoes and avoid tight clothing around legs. Unless associated with very high blood pressure nothing to worry about.
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Question: hello mere baby ko BCG ka injection lga tha birth ke 15 days ke andar abi wo 2 months ka ho gya h but usko injection waali jagah laal bada dana sa ho gya h aur pakk b gya hai aisa abi hua h 4 din pehle plzz btaye ye injection se hua h ya nai aur kya krte h aise me
Answer: Bcg injection k badh vo Nishan red Dane jaisa rahega...puss formation jaisa Honda zaruri hai tabhi pata chaljayega h ko injection ne kaam Kia h....usko kuch math karna vo sukhjaye ga apne aap....my baby is 4 months old N ab tak vo red pimple jaisa Nishan h
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Question: Hello Dr... Baby ka BCG injection red or fode jesa ho rha h kya ye bhot pain krta h.. Kya aisa hi hota h... Please btaiye
Answer: Haa. Ye aisa hi hota h. Foda ban kar fotega and thoda blood bhi aayega. Then sookhega aur thik ho jayega.
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