1 months old baby

Question: mere baby ko bm n fm dono chalu hai.toh kya mai usko gripe water de Sakti hu

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Answer: There are many variations, but most formulas contain a mixture of different herbs, including: Fennel Ginger Chamomile Licorice Cinnamon Lemon balm. Although gripe water is generally safe, it's not recommended for babies younger than 1 month l. The digestive tract is sensitive and still developing at this age. Gripe water typically has a pleasant taste, so some babies don't mind taking a dose. You might be tempted to mix gripe water with your baby’s formula or breast milk. That’s perfectly safe, but for maximum results you should give your baby gripe water by itself. Side Effects of Gripe Water Gripe water is generally safe, but it’s important to keep an open eye for signs of an allergic reaction. Allergy symptoms can vary.
Answer: yes
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Question: mai bm fm dono deti hu baby ko usko 3 days se potty nhi hui
Answer: Newborn digestive system is very sensitive as it is still in developing stage. That's why it's common for them to have gas, constipation, stomach reflux etc. When baby’s body is low on water then also constipation can occur or if there is any change in mother’s diet. Make sure you are feeding your baby at every two hours. Whenever you feed your baby drunk a glass of water, this will keep you hydrated and in turn baby will be hydrated. Include more of leafy vegetables and fibres in your diet. Eat food which is easy to digest. Avoid taking complex food as it might take long for then to be digested and can disturb your baby’s digestive system as well. Don't feed baby anything other than bm/fm. You can apply heeng water around her navel. Massage her minimum twice a day. Around her navel make circles first anticlockwise then clockwise while pressing gently. Give your baby tummy time (make her lie on her stomach), for 10-15mins in a day this will strengthen the muscles around her abdomen thus improving her digestive system. Avoid giving any over the counter medicine or gripe water to your baby.
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Question: mere baby ko 1 month hogaya mai mere baby ko Gripe water de sakti hu? And mera baby Premature hai
Answer: Hi dear. Gripe water baby Ko Nahi Dena chahiye Kyunki Iske ingredients save Nahin Hai Isme aur Komal hoti hai jo ki baby ki health ke liye long term Mai bahut bura effect de sakti hai so please Gripe water Dena avoid Karen
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Question: baby bm n fm dono leta h...Mai confuse hu k use kitni bar fm du..
Answer: if u hv sufficient breast milk den u can giv it only once at night so tat baby can sleep at stretch...as much as possible giv breast feed...formula milk to be given only when u feel ur milk supply has gone down n baby is still hungry
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Question: Kya mai mere baby ko gripe water daily de sakti hu....he is just 15 day old
Answer: no grip water no ghutti strictly no. even your pediatrician will say no to it.
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