Question: Mere baby ko bhut zyada loosemotion hai kya kru

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Answer: Hello dear...use pani pilate rahiye. Ors thoda thoda karke har 5 mins mein dein aur doctor ko immediately phone karein... take care
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Question: Mere baby ko bhut zyada sweating hoti hai without any reason is it common or not
Answer: Some babies sweat profusely during the deepest part of their nightly sleep cycle and end up soaking wet. Because babies spend much more time in this deepest stage of sleep, they're more likely to sweat during the night than adults or even older children. Possible cause for concern: Sweating is very common, but excessive sweating could mean that something isn't right. For example, excessive sweating – especially when eating – can be a sign of congenital heart disease as well as various infections and sleep apnea. Overheating is also a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). What to do about it: The room your baby sleeps in should be warm but not hot. Set the room temperature to a range that feels comfortable to a lightly clothed adult. Dress your baby in the amount of clothing that you'd be comfortable sleeping in without covers. Resist the urge to bundle her up and keep blankets, quilts, and comforters out of her crib. As a rule of thumb, remember that if you're too hot, your baby probably is too. If the house is cool and your baby is dressed lightly and still sweating, talk with doctor.
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Question: Mere baby ko bhut jyada zukham hua hai kya kru
Answer: Cold and cough babies mein bilkul normal baat hai, weather changes se ya kisi aur se bhi ye infection ho sakta hai. Kuch home remedies hain cough and cold ko treat karne ke liye sabse effective hoti hai steam ye bahut hi effective hai. Steam bath lens se cold jaldi thik ho jata hai. Aur aap eucalyptus oil ke kuch drops bath water mein daal ke nhane se body calm hoti hai, ya fir aap ajwain potli bna sakte ho, dry roast ajwain aur potli mein daaldo uski khusboo lene se hi kaafi farak padta hai.
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Question: Mere baby ko loosemotion lge hai medicine bhi di hai thek ni ho raha kya kru
Answer: Hi dear. aap apni baby ko chawal Ka Pani De chawal Ko Pani Mein Baal Karen Pani ko alag karne usme Halka Sa Namak Mila kar baby ko Din Mein teen Baar Peene ke liye de uske loose motion Se Hi Ho Jaayenge and Se Jyada Se Jyada breastfeed karayen Kyunki breastfeed Mein natural antibiotic Hota Hai Sab baby k loose motion ke hone Mein help Karega
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