1 months old baby

Question: mere baby ki aankh se bhut pani aata h kya krna chahiye 23 days ki h abi or aankh k andr redness bi nhi h

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Answer: Your baby's watery eye should get better on its own in a few weeks, once her tear duct has opened up. You can remove any sticky liquid or crusting by bathing her eye with cooled boiled water and cotton wool.  While your baby's tear duct is developing she may be more prone to conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation in the eye that makes it pink, sore, and itchy. If you are worried your baby has conjunctivitis, see your doctor. You can help to open up your baby's tear duct by applying light pressure with your fingers on the side of your baby's nose, working your way down from top to bottom. Ask your doctor for help if you are unsure how to do this. 
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Question: Mere bche ki aankh se pani aa ra h aj wo 2 months ka h asa q h kya krna chahiye
Answer: Dear, that's absolutely normal. It appears to be a tear duct blockage in the right rye of your baby. Although we need to check for discharge, colour yellow or green, dry or crusty. You should try massaging her tear duct that is present on both the corners of eyes, the corner attached to nose side. So gently put your finger on the corner of her eye and slowly push downwards towards the nose. Do this 7-8 times in a day. Do report to your paediatrician if your baby has a fever or cries and tries to rub her eyes or the eyes are swollen. Infection in newborns very common. So do not worry. And follow the advice you will see a difference in a week. But if you find it hard to understand the massage exercise visit your eye specialist and ask for help, he will brief you about tear duct probing which is done to cure tear duct blockage to help your child pass tears into nose, the normal way as we do. Hope it helps! Take care
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Question: mere baby ki aankh se pani kyun aata hai?
Answer: Hii Hii During the first few weeks this is common among babies . This is usually caused by a blocked tear duct . Most newborns’ eyes begin tearing by three weeks of age. These tears should drain into the nose through tiny tear ducts at the inside corners of the eye. A thin membrane that usually breaks open shortly after birth, allowing proper drainage of tears, sometimes covers the nasal end of these ducts. Often this membrane does not fully open, causing the tear ducts to remain plugged and tears to accumulate in one or both eyes. Fluid that does not drain properly becomes infected. If this happens, the discharge from your baby’s eyes will be persistently yellow, suggesting infection in the region of the blocked tear ducts.  Gently massage the tear duct that is located beneath the tiny “bump” in the nasal corner of each eye. Massage in an upward direction (toward the nose) about six times. Do this tear- duct massage as often as you think of it – for example, before each diaper change. Massaging the tear duct applies pressure on the fluid backed up within the ducts and eventually pops open the membrane and clears the ducts. If you still notice persistent tearing or yellow drainage from one or both eyes, during your well-baby checkup ask your doctor to instruct you in how to massage the tear ducts. If the yellow drainage persists, your doctor may prescribe antibiotic ointment or drops to treat this infection.
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Question: Mere baby ki ek eyes se kichad ata h or pani girta h kya krna chahiye
Answer: Give nasal drops -nasoclear and do exercise to clear lacrimal duct...place a finger at tip of eyebrow and run downwards the nose up to the nostrils repeat on the other side as well... Do it 10times on each side morning and evening
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