33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mere baby ki position ab tak cephalic thi .. aj meko aise feel ho rha hai jaise baby ulta ho gya ho matlb sir upar ki taraf ...usg mera 35th week me due hai tab tak mai kaise guess kru k baby breech position me na ho ?

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Answer: Hello! Here are some of the typical signs of different positions you can know through the movements. Head-down (cephalic) position If you have a lump to the left or the right at the top of your tummy, try pressing gently on it. If you feel your baby's whole body move, it suggests that he's in a head-down position. You may also notice that you feel his hiccups below your belly button. His other movements may feel different depending on which way he's facing: Anterior position (head down, with his back towards the front of your tummy). If your baby's in an anterior position, you're likely to feel movements under your ribs. Your belly button may pop out, too. Posterior position (head down, with his back against your back). This position usually means you'll feel kicks right at the front of your tummy, generally around the middle. You may also notice that your tummy looks as though it's flattened out, rather than being a rounded shape. Bear in mind that if your placenta is at the front of your bump (anterior placenta), it may mean you can't feel your baby's kicks at the front so well. Bottom-down (breech) position If your baby's in a bottom-down position, what you feel will depend on where his legs are, as well as whether he's posterior or anterior. If his feet are up by his ears (frank breech), you may feel kicks around your ribs. But if he's sitting in a cross-legged position (complete breech), his kicks are likely to be lower down, below your belly button. You may also be able to feel a hard, rounded lump under your ribs, which doesn't move very much. This is your baby's head, and it may, unfortunately, be quite uncomfortable for you. If your breech baby is facing backwards though (anterior position), you may not feel quite so many movements. This is why it's important to get to know what's normal for your baby, rather than trying to compare with other women, whose baby may be lying differently. Your baby's position can change often, particularly during the second trimester. At this stage, he can do a complete turn from bottom-first to head-down, and back again. However, by the time labour starts, rest assured that most babies are in a head-down position.
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Question: mere baby ka head upar ki taraf hai neeche kab Tak aur kaise aa jyega
Answer: Hello! When you are 30 weeks pregnant, your baby should be in a cephalic (head down) position. Unfortunately, this is not the case for at least 25% of expectant mothers. Even so, it is normal for a baby to turn their head at 34 weeks. It should be of concern only if yourbaby does not turn their head after the 36 week mark.
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Question: Hello.. Mere doctor ne bola baby abi breech position me hai...matlab usska sir upar hai...toh kya vo 9 mth tak niche chala jaega?...abi mete 7 mth running hai....aasa toh nai ki baby ulta birth lega?...
Answer: Hi dear.. Mera baby 36th week me turn hoke breach hua tha till 36th week baby ko bahot scope hota hai turn hone.. In this case walking helps.. Ask your dr hw much u can walk.. My dr advised me to walk 2 hrs daily.. But it didnt help me bcz it was 37th week aur baby ko move hone space nhi bachta.. Bt in your case good chances are there to get in position
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Question: Abhi mera baby breech position me hai delivery time tak cephalic me aaye ga kya..
Answer: Hi dear, most of the time delivery tak cephalic position ne baby aa jati hain...agar nehi bhi aye to darne ki baat nehi hain.. doctor will help you at that time.
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Question: Mera nineth month start ho gya h 15 th se but abhi tak baby ka sir upar ki taraf h
Answer: Drink lots and lots of water and at least2 glass of milk a day.and pls get consult with your doctor.
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