Few weeks old baby

Question: Mere baby 15days ke h uske face pe dane ho rahe h kya kru theek krne ke liye..

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Answer: Hi! Pls kuchh mat kijiye, woh apne aap thik ho jayenge..plain wate se clean kijiye bas, aur kuch nehi..hormonal hold over se hote hain aur sab bachho ko hote hain.. Good luck!
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Question: Mere baby ko face pe dane ho rahe hai aur wo shoulders pe bhi aa gaye hai...iske liye kya Kare aur ye kyu ho rahe hai
Answer: Baby acne is very common and usually harmless. I believe the best advice is to leave it alone. Many moisturizers have alcohol, petrolatum or mineral oil which actually make acne worse. Overly washing can dry out the skin which in turn causes the skin to secrete more sebum. Acne can be caused by hormonal changes in the newborn. It is normal and it will go away. Make sure to use gentle fabric detergent for the clothes and bedding. I personally put breast milk on it and the rash went away. Breast milk also helps heal the scratches from little fingernails in less than a day. You can try this once as it has no side effects.
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Question: Hii mere baby ke face pe Dane Dane se hogye .... Batao kya kru
Answer: Hi new mommy😃...ye daane har newborn ko.hotey hai.mere baby ko bhi hua tha.jo ki.normal hai.kych na lagaye ,ye Apne aap theek ho jayegi .ek week me hi mere baby Ka theek ho Gaya tha.hope Aapke baby ke bhi gayab ho.jaye.
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Question: hii mere face pe bhut dane ho rahe h. kya karu??
Answer: Don’t pop, pick, scratch, or squeeze acne sores. This can increase irritation and cause scarring.Keep your skin hydrated by drinking purified water. Avoid carbonated beverages and too much caffeine.Eat a nutritious diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein, and healthy fats like avocado and nuts. Avoid refined sugars and processed foods.Rest as much as possible. Stress and fatigue can trigger acne outbreaks.Change your pillowcases and towels often.Avoid touching your face, which can introduce bacteria.Wash your hair regularly, particularly if it’s oily, and try to keep it off your face.If you wear makeup, use oil-free products labeled “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic.” Mare sure to wash off your makeup before going to bed.Always consult with your doctor before using over-the-counter treatments. Some ingredients in common skincare products, like salicylic acid and Vitamin A, may not be safe to use during pregnancy.
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