10 months old baby

Question: mere baby ka weight nhi bd raha 1month phele weight 9.3 tha n ab 9.4 hai kuch khana pina nhi chahta ache se hamesh khelne mein busy rhta hai

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Question: Baby ka weight ache se nahi badh raha hai or vo uper ka milk bhi nahi peeta khana bhi ache se nahi khata hai.
Answer:  If your toddler loses interest, or seems tired, cranky or unwell, take the food away. Try to give her in a different way like custard, fruit salad, pooding etc. u can use vaggie like cutlet, veg sandwich, fried vegetables rice etc. Sometimes toddlers want to try new foods if you just keep trying. Make mealtimes a happy, regular and social family occasion – sit together to eat with your toddler whenever possible. Show your toddler how much you enjoy eating the food you’ve prepared. Get your toddler involved in helping to prepare and cook family meals. Offer new foods when you and your toddler are relaxed and she isn’t too tired or distracted by other things . Set a time limit of about 20 minutes for a meal. If your toddler hasn’t eaten the food, take it away and don’t offer an alternative snack or meal. Serve your toddler the same foods as the rest of the family. Your toddler will get the nutritional benefits of a wide range of foods, and accept new tastes and textures as ‘normal’. Offer new foods with foods that your toddler already knows and likes. Keep offering new foods. It can take 10-15 tries for children to accept and enjoy new foods. If your toddler refuses something, offer it again in a week or so. Your toddler might gobble it up and even ask for more – a toddler’s interest in food can fluctuate wildly. Let your toddler touch, lick and play with food, and allow for some mess as she learns to eat. Let your toddler feed himself and give him some help if he needs it.  
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Question: Mere 17 week chal raha hai muje bluding huva tha ab nahi hai do ne badrest karne ko kaha kiya mera baby ka vikas ache se hoga ?
Answer: Hello ma'am , Kabhi kabhi pregnancy ke starting time me bleeding ho jati hai or aapne dr ko consult Kar liya ye achhi baat hai, bleeding hona normal ho sakta hai par kabhi kabhi ye dangerous bhi ho sakta hai isliye dr se consult karna chahiye or agar aapko dr ne rest suggest kiya h to aap rest kare or ab bleeding band hai so dontworry koi effect nahii hoga baby ko . Thanku
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Question: Hello dr.... Mere baby ka birth time weight 2.9kg tha. Ab meri beti 1month 18days ki hai... Iska weight3.5kg hai..... Iska weight gain nhi ho raha hai..... Me isse powder milk deti hu... (nan pro)
Answer: Dear shuruat ke kuch hafto mein weight gain kam hi hota hai babies ka. Isiliye aap chinta mat karo infact pehle hafte mein baby kuch weight lose bhi karte hai. 6 mahine ka hote hote babies apna birth weight double kar lete hai. Hope it yhelps.
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