3 months old baby

Question: mere baby ka masoda fool.raha hai..teething k liye..to usk masode me honey lagana chahiye ki nahi.. usko dentonic de sakte hai kya

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Answer: hello.. dear.. teething rings dijiye..honey is not safe for babies.. dentonic ke liye apne doctor ki salha lijiye..
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Question: Mera baby 8 months old hai to usko solid food Kya Kya de sakte hai and mera lactation properly NAHI hota to uske liye Kya krna chahiye
Answer: At 6 or 7 months old, some infants may eat 4-6 ounces of food per day while babies who are just starting solids at 6 or 7 months of age may beeating only 1-2 ounces per day. What to feed Breast milk or formula, PLUS. Pureed vegetables (sweet potatoes, squash) Pureed fruit (apples, bananas, peaches) Pureed meat (chicken, pork, beef) Semi-liquid, iron-fortified cereal. Small amounts of unsweetened yogurt (no cow's milk until age 1) Some finger food favorites: O-shaped toasted oat cereal; small chunks of banana or other very ripe, peeled fruit like mango, plum, pear, peach, cantaloupe, or seedless watermelon; small cubes of tofu; well-cooked pasta spirals, cut into pieces; thin cheese strips or very small chunks of cheese; cut-up seedless grapes ... Most pediatricians recommend starting your infant on Yogurt around 7-8 months of age. Some pediatricians also recommend yogurtas a great first food (from 6 months+). Selecting a Whole Milk Yogurt is the most beneficial to your infant as babies need fats in their diets for proper growth. You can give ur baby a variety of food but in a puree or porridge state. Breakfast idly with breast milk or formula upma Roti with milk or formula mashed dosa mashed Snack boiled apple mashed banana puree vegetable soup diluted fresh fruit juices ragi milk ghee sugar Lunch dal rice mashed khichdi sooji kheer cerelac or nestum Snack whole grain puffs mashed potatoes tossed in butter peach puree Dinner should always be light as hard carbohydrate like wheat ragi dal can cause indigestion or loose motions Give sooji kheer nestum or cerelac by 8 pm u can keep feeding ur baby breast milk or formula as needed between the meals. Be sure to use alot of ghee as fats and oils help in gaining weight. These are best foods to increase breast milk production & are great in terms of bringing you back to health, as well as aid in milk production. Oatmeal: Oats are easy to prepare as a meal. ... Fennel Seeds: ... Fenugreek Seeds: ... Unripe Papayas: ... Spinach And Beet Leaves: ... Garlic: ... Black Sesame Seeds: ... Carrots:
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Question: Meri beti 1month ki hai Usko honey de sakte hain kya?
Answer: Hi. There are some foods that yku take care to not give your baby till 1 year of age and honey is one of them, it can be dificult for babies to digest it, avoid water till 6 months of age, avoid egg white tilk one year and egg yolk till 7 month. Avoid spinach and cow milk for 1 year.
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Question: Dentonic teething pills baby K liye Accha Hai??? Is there any side effects...? No na?
Answer: I for medications it is advisable to consult to the doctor you can also massage the babies comes with the help of cold spoon or cold cloth
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