34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mera 33 weeks chal rha h...mujhe apne diet m kya sb include krna chahiye?

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Answer: Hello... Dear in thirdtrimester,you should have nutrious diet,to meet labor,follow these diet tips it might be helpful for you... Include folate rich foods like cereals,legumes,grains and can also have millets too,have more fruits and vegetables in your diet Make an habit of eating healthy snack option like dryfruits,nuts,makhana,it helps in reducing your carving and also control your weight gain It is essential to have two to three litres water in a day, don't drink in large amount,sip in a small cup throughout the day will make you feel hydrated throughout the day,can also include soups,juice in your diet,have water rich vegetables like pumpkin, raddish, cucumber, bottle guard and fruits like watermelon,orange,muskmelon,Amla will help to retain water content in the body , because dehydration may leads to preterm labour and it is also not good at this stage Avoid outside food,prefer to have home made food,and also avoid packed food ,oil fried too Include lean chicken,egg, meat,which is rich in protein ,which is needed for baby's development Calcium is essential during this phase,so have two glasses of milk,curd ,paneer, and you can go for non dairy products,to increase your calcium content ,the non dairy products include ragi, almonds, Greenleafy vegetables,oranges,dried apricots,plums, prunes,soya milk ,tofu,can include this in your diet
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Question: mera 8va mahina chal rha h or thora thora pani girta h mujhe kya krna chahiye
Answer: It generally happens due to infection keep ur vagina dry by using toilet paper after passing urine or stool use a hygiene wash like lactacid or C&D drink plenty of water change underpants twice a day but if discharge changes color ...Visit gyne
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Question: Mera 9 month chal rha h. I'm 36 weeks pregnant mother, or mujhe baar baar potty aati h esa kyu ho rha h or mujhe kya krna chahiye
Answer: This is quite normal things.. We misunderstand baby's pressure, and thinks that we have to pee or poo. That means, your lil one is telling you to start the final countdown. Be in touch of your doctor regularly and pack your hospital bag and necessary documents.
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Question: Hii mera fifth month chal rha hai mujhe kuch feel nhi hota asse m mujhe kya krna chahiye
Answer: don't worry dear kbi kbi buche late move krte hai. mera bhi 6 the month ki starting me chla. abi khuch din or intjar kr k dekh lo.nhi chle beby to Dr ko pucho.
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Question: Mera 31st August ko Cigerean dilevery hua h kya Sb mujhe Khana chahiye Kis trh ke diet mujhe lene chahiye
Answer: Hello Dear After c-section your body needs all the energy and nourishment to recover from and also yu have to feed yur baby So you should eat all nutrient: proteins, fats, vitamins n minerals,drink plenty of water and get enough rest it is better to eat several short meals throughout day like.. *Start the day with milk as empty stomach helps absorb it's nutrients better. *soak around 10 almonds in water overnight.have it with glass of milk. * For breakfast you can include everything like Rava upma with lots of vegetables and nuts like peanuts, kaju,or vermicelli upma with lot of vegetables and nuts,idlis,appam,bread toast with omelette, oats with vegetable masala and roti with sabzi. * Mid morning yu can have a pomegranate, apple or banana, watermelon, muskmelon, anjeer *Yur lunch consist of rotis, dal, a vegetable curry and some paneer,have either palak dal or palak paneer in order to meet your iron intake.You can follow this up with some jeera water or ajwain water. *In afternoon around 4 have another glass of warm milk along with a dry fruit laddoo or combine and make a dry fruit milkshake. *have this snack by 6 pm like mixed vegetable soup at this time. *dinner should be light Have 2 phulkas with some sabzi and dalwith some mixed vegetable raita. Add beetroots to the raita as this is really good for your blood. *A glass of warm milk before sleeping. *make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. Take one glass of water before every meal. This helps with digestion also help you improve your breast milk supply.
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