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Question: Mera 27 weeks chal reha hai Mera weight gain nahi ho reha baby ka weight bhi Kam hi hoga Phr main diebites patient hun 5month main bhi 58.6kg tha Abhi bhi 58.7kg hai to main Kya keru

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Answer: Leave mom's weight.. if baby's weight is noreal according to its gestational age then no need to worry... even I have lost abt 8 kg after being preg right now I m 28 weeks preg n my doctor says baby's growth is normal as what it should be so no need to worry.. stop thinking much n enjoy your pregnancy..
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    Chaitra Bylappa1206 days ago

    It's *normal not *noreal 😂

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    Prashant Sharma1203 days ago

    Thanks dear

Answer: As long as your baby's weight is adequate, do not worry about ur weight. Get the sonography done on ur doctors advice and check ur baby's weight. Due to diebeties many women weight do not increase however baby grows well. So don't worry and get the ultrasound done first
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Question: main 29weeks pregnant hun pahle concieve kiya that to Mera weight 60kg tha Phr 3rd month main suger test hua to Peta laga Mera weight 57kg phr,58kg k Baad berh nahi reha doc n three time insuline start ker Diya aur y bhi keha diebites pregnancy a pahle s hi hai mujhe tension ho rehi hai Kya hoga weight bhi gain nahi ho reha pls reply
Answer: Follow this diet plan for steady Weight gain High blood sugar levels during pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes, putting you and your developing baby at risk. During pregnancy, your body makes more insulin to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, but sometimes you don’t produce enough. Gestational diabetes may cause your baby to have breathing difficulties, jaundice, low blood sugar and obesity later in life. It puts you at risk for having a larger baby, which can lead to problems in the delivery room and high blood pressure. With diet and exercise, you may be able to control your blood sugar levels without taking insulin or medication. Follow these guidelines to prepare your diet plan 1)Add carbs-Carbohydrate containing foods are ranked by how they affect your blood sugar levels, which is known as the glycemic index. High-glycemic index foods digest rapidly, raising blood sugar levels. They are usually refined and processed, such as white breads and rice, baked goods and many breakfast cereals. Low-glycemic index foods take longer to digest and help you avoid spikes in blood sugar. These are whole, natural foods like beans, seeds, whole grains such as oatmeal and barley, and fruits and vegetables. During pregnancy, avoid refined and processed foods and stick to whole foods. 2) Add probiotics- they are live bacteria, similar to the friendly bacteria in your stomach, that promote digestive health. Friendly bacteria regulate metabolism of carbohydrates, which keeps your blood sugar levels in a healthy range. You can opt for natural yogurt with active cultures, but steer clear of those with extra sugar and corn syrup, which will counteract the benefits of the probiotics. 3) A portion of fiber-They are best for diabetes as they do not raise your blood sugar levels because your body doesn’t break it down. There are two types of fiber: insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fiber keeps your digestive system healthy and is found in whole-wheat products, such as chapati,dailya oats. Next are pulses. Fruits and vegetables boast a mix of both fibers. 4) Protein-Include a lean protein source, such as poultry, nuts or eggs, with all your meals and snacks. Protein keeps your blood sugar levels in control, boosts energy and keeps you feeling full longer. 5)Fats-Healthy fats found in nuts, avocados, coconut and olive oils also keep you satiated, which will prevent you from reaching for an unhealthy snack or binging later on when that growing baby has got you famished. You might find it hard to stomach breakfast, especially early on in your pregnancy, but it is the most important meal of the day. Blood sugar levels are unsteady in the mornings, so limit carbohydrates, avoid juice and up your protein intake. Distribute your calories and carbohydrates throughout the rest of the day with two additional meals and two snacks. Don’t skip a meal and be consistent about when you eat to keep your sugar levels in check.
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Question: Hi mera 36 week chal reha hai mere baby ki growth abhi 2 weeks kam hai doctor delivery 37 weeks main kerega aur mujhe diebites bhi hai starting s mujhe insulin lena perh reha with medformin bhi le rehi hun aur segerian delivery bhi hai pahle kya baby k body parts thk s develop ho jate hai ose koi problem ti nahi hogi after birth
Answer: Your baby will be kept in an NICU,( neonatal care) for a week or two depending on his condition. usually after 38 weeks baby is considered grown properly with optimum and desired growth levels. you can wait for two weeks if you are not facing any other issue other than diabetes.
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Question: Hi mera 37 weeks chal reha hai mera naby 3weeks short hai lyca vhi kam ho gya hai 5.6 hI dibites ki bhi patient hun doctor n sat y Monday kp addmit kerne ko vol diya hai
Answer: Koi baat nhi aap gbhrao mat.....37 week fullterm hota hai .sb theek hoga
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